Grinch Night, 2016

Story told by: Henry

I was the first one awake this morning, and I came downstairs to find this message from Elf. It’s time for Grinch Night! (Daddy is out of town for work, so this is a fun way to pass the time. Good timing, Elf!)

After we got home from playing with friends and picking Lainey up from preschool, we read the book that Elf picked out for us. It really got us excited for our evening!

After naps and baths, it was time for our Grinch dinner! We had Grinch fruit kabobs (it’s a Grinch face wearing a Santa hat).

We had tator tots as our Who Hash.

And we had BBQ pork as our Roast Beast.

We finished our dinner with Who Pudding!

I was especially excited about this part of dinner. Who doesn’t love pudding and sprinkles?!

We could barely wait to get downstairs to watch the movie! While watching the movie we got to enjoy the M&Ms that Elf brought us this morning.

Since Elf brought us these treats and the movie idea, Lainey insisted that he should get to come downstairs and watch the movie with us. Hopefully he enjoyed it!

Yummy treats and a good movie made for a perfect night!

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