Thanksgiving, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with our family!

Na Na, Ba Ba, Aunt Tiffany, and Uncle Jaron arrived on Wednesday night, so we were happy to get up with them on Thanksgiving morning!

Na Na recently went to Hawaii, so she brought back some fun souvenirs.

Even though our old house stays pretty cold, this is what I wore for 70% of the day. A girl’s gotta look good!

As is our tradition, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Uncle Jaron kept me company.

The boys helped Ba Ba and Mommy work on a Cougar puzzle.

After a relaxing morning, it was time for Mommy and Na Na to get to work on a delicious turkey dinner.

Daddy helped set the table. What a handsome daddy I have!

We’re almost ready! (Notice our tree set up in the background. We have never broken the “we don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving rule,” but we couldn’t resist this year. The tree went up three days ago, and we have no regrets!)

Carving the turkey!

Right before dinner, we got to find out the gender of Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron’s baby! We’re excited to get a new cousin in April!!

We are so grateful to have a full house full of family for this Thanksgiving!

Cheers! (Poor Henry woke up throwing up last night, and did so again right after his nap today. After not having corn for six weeks, Mommy and Daddy let him try a corn tortilla and corn chips a couple of nights ago. They think his body is reacting very badly to it. Poor buddy. Food allergies are no fun!)

After all of Mommy’s hard work this guy just wanted rolls. And pie. Lots of pie.

Daddy really is very selfless. We had extra sparkling cider, so he stepped up to finish it off. What a guy!

After dinner we watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” and Henry and Ba Ba built a “tall, tall, tall castle.”


Then right before bed, something VERY shocking and exciting happened!!

Here’s his message to us! When we took him out of his package, Elf was freezing cold to the touch. The North Pole must be very chilly.

Elf took his rightful spot on the shelf. I commented on how happy he must be warming up in our nice, cozy house.

After we went to bed, the adults finished the Cougar puzzle. They said this was a good omen for the Apple Cup tomorrow!

On Friday we woke up to find that the Elf was already getting into mischief. He really enjoyed some candy!

In honor of Apple Cup, Mommy made Apple Streusel Baked French Toast. It was delicious!

We wore all of our Cougar gear (we can’t take any risks, the Cougars need all the help they can get).

The adults went to the game and cheered SUPER hard for those Cougs. Unfortunately they lost in a very disheartening game. We’ll still go to a bowl game, but the Rose Bowl was REALLY calling our name. Oh, well! Maybe next year! After going home, delicious Thanksgiving leftovers helped to ease everyone’s heartache.

On Saturday morning, Ba Ba and I got some coloring in.

Ba Ba brought some rockets for us, so after everyone was ready (except for Mommy and Tiffany who stayed home to take showers), we headed over to the school field for the launch.

After a successful rocket launch, we went to see the movie “Moana” (while Mommy stayed home with Brody).

We didn’t realize we had picked the 3D time of the movie, but we decided to still go for it. It was a great movie!

In the evening we took Ba Ba and Na Na to see the lights in Lewiston.

We did so much dancing throughout the park. We were having a blast!

After the lights, we went to Fazzari’s for some delicious pizza! Na Na and Ba Ba leave tomorrow morning, but we can’t wait to see them around Christmas time! Thanks for a great visit!

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