Halloween, 2016

Story told by: Brody

We had a wonderful Halloween!

Lainey started the day with Nocturnal Day at preschool. She immediately knew that her “Night Owl” pajamas were exactly what she needed to wear!

After (im)patiently waiting all day, it was finally time for trick-or-treating!

Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and Peter Pan are excited to get candy! (Although this Peter Pan may have had to be forced into this costume against my screaming, flailing will.)

We visited all of our favorite neighbors.

I made sure that I wasn’t left out of getting candy. I shoved my way up to the front at each and every house.

And in between houses, I had Daddy wheel me around Colton.

My brother and sister were often miles ahead of us.

Henry has a cold, and all of his running around town had him coughing like crazy. When Mommy asked him if he wanted a break or some water, he said, “Nope! Next house!” That kid is committed to his candy.

There aren’t a ton of trick-or-treaters in Colton, so some of the houses hand out entire goody bags filled with candy. It’s awesome!

After visiting 20 (or so) houses, we made our final stop of the night at Nikki, Cece, and Weston’s house. (Lainey and Henry could have gone for much longer, but I was making my tiredness known to the world.) It was fun to see our friends, and to get candy from them!

Once we got home, we got to sort through our loot.

I immediately went for my favorite – a sucker!

Lainey and Henry followed suit, while Daddy enjoyed a full-size candy bar (about which he seemed very excited).

After a few pieces of candy, and the traditional post-candy meltdowns with tons of screaming, it was time to wrap up Halloween. It was such a fun day!

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