Parties, Pizza, and Pumpkins

Story told by: Henry

We had a wonderful weekend! But unfortunately it didn’t start out so great.

Mommy sent this picture to Daddy on Thursday to let him know just how much fun was being had at home.

And then Mommy took this picture to document how cooperative Brody was being with allowing Mommy to make dinner (so in the Ergo he went).

And then he woke up to watch football with Mommy and Daddy late into the night (in fact, too late for Daddy). Mommy took him to the doctor, and it turns out he has another ear infection. Wait, what’s that you ask? Didn’t he get tubes? YES, he did. And are those tubes still in? YES, they are. This kid is so committed to ear infections that he doesn’t care whether he has tubes or not. He’s going to rock that infection (and whine a lot while doing it). Poor guy got some drops, and slowly improved throughout the weekend.

We had a weekend full of Mya! We got to go to her third birthday party on Friday night.

There were fun crafts and yummy cupcakes!

After gymnastics on Saturday morning, we went to Owen’s fourth birthday party. It was a “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” theme, so we got to decorate pumpkins.

Later in the day, we put our dress-up clothes to good use. Lainey come up to Mommy and said, “I’m going to a job. A very important job.”

This girl has quite the fashion sense.

After naps, Mya and her family brought pizza over for dinner. Mommy got to spend some time with Mya’s little brother, Keller.

And Mya got to have a sleepover with Lainey! Apparently they talked for a loooooooooooong time, but they had a blast.

And then the adults watched the Cougs beat UCLA (and then Mya’s mommy and daddy went home).

As usual, we were up bright and early (I was the winner at 5:07 a.m.), so we got right to coloring.

Before leaving for church, I read some books to Mya.

Mya and her family move to Seattle in less than a week. We are going to miss them SO much, but we’re very blessed by their wonderful friendship.

Lainey and Mya wanted matching hair, so they both got fishtail braids.

After church we had a fun lunch with our home group, and then came home to carve pumpkins! Here I am carefully checking out the guts of the pumpkin.

I helped Daddy for approximately two minutes.

And then I left Daddy on his own so I could watch a Halloween cartoon.

Lainey also helped with her pumpkin.

We took a quick break for dinner, and managed to catch Brody’s silly face. He does this when he knows he’s being funny. What a goof!

Then we put the pumpkins on the porch!

Lainey’s pumpkin is a mermaid.

Mommy’s pumpkin is a ghost.

My pumpkin is the Batman symbol!

Daddy made a silly face on his pumpkin.

Brody got Daniel Tiger on his pumpkin.

We LOVE our pumpkins, but Brody wasn’t so sure about the face on the pumpkin.

After having a quick stare down, he decided the pumpkin was okay.

We made a countdown chain for Halloween tonight. We can’t wait!!

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