Fall Fun!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a busy week full of enjoyable activities!

Mommy and Daddy went on a date last week. Their first stop was a furniture store to look at couches. They enjoyed sipping coffee while pretending they owned this leather couch. (And then they went to dinner and a movie to make for a wonderful night together.)

My class had a field trip to the apple orchard. We got to pick two giant apples!

I ate the first apple, and then gave the other one to Henry.

Henry is SO ready for his turn at preschool next fall. Whenever Mommy and the boys come to pick me up, Henry sits right down on the couch and starts reading.

When we’re at home, I make sure the boys look their best.

Henry loves showing off his singing skills!

Last week was Bring-A-Friend night at AWANA, so I asked Joseph to come with me.

I had a great time (as always), and I hope Joseph did, too.

I still love going to story time! Brody is working on sitting still for the story, so I sometimes have to hold onto him with a firm grip.

Mommy took us to get our flu shots recently, and since we were very well behaved, we met Daddy after work for some ice cream (or cupcakes for the boys).

This is my “It’s very cold, but I’m trying to smile” face.

High fives for being done with shots!

One day while I was at preschool, the boys went to play with some friends.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so on the rare days when it’s not raining, we take the chance to get outside (even if it does mean that Henry gets so muddy that he has to strip down to his diaper before getting into the car).

We had Nikki, Cece, and Weston over to play last week while their Mommy and Daddy went on a date.

Miraculously Brody left our blocks alone for a few moments, so we were able to build princess castles.

But turns out the castles were just too tempting for Brody, so Nikki had to build her castle on the table.

Daddy brought home some delicious pizza for all of us to have for dinner!

And then we ended the night by watching “Tangled” together.

Mommy took Henry to gymnastics last weekend, and then went on a doughnut date with him. He really wanted a green doughnut, but since they didn’t have any, he was pretty happy with this powdered doughnut.

Mommy sure loves the goofiness of this kid.

There was a 7 p.m. kickoff for football last Saturday, and it rained most of the game. That didn’t stop these committed fans from being there!

And good thing they were there because the Cougs pulled out a win against UCLA! Go Cougs!

Hazel’s mommy and daddy were there looking like Coleman marshmallows.

Also, Mommy FINALLY saw Sadie and Sarah at a game after sitting less than 20 rows apart for the past ten years. It was a moment that needed to be documented.

The baking is in full swing because it’s fall, and that’s what you do in the fall! This pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread made for a wonderful breakfast.

Brody is really into peek-a-boo lately.

We were somehow five minutes early for leaving for home group, so we sat down to take some goofy pictures together because…why not?

I love laying my clothes out each night. While Mommy was putting the boys to bed, I came bounding into their room to say, “Mommy, you have to come see this. Isn’t this the cutest outfit for tomorrow?!”

Ivy came over to our house to play last week. We had a blast together!

We had a rare sunny day yesterday, so Mommy took the boys to the park while I was at preschool. Henry found the puddles and just went to town.

My preschool picture came back yesterday. Mommy LOVES it!

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