A Perfect October Weekend!

Story told by: Lainey

We had the Stricklers visit from Montana this weekend! We had a blast!

On Friday evening we played outside as we eagerly anticipated their arrival. I taught Henry how to put his arm around my waist for a picture. Once the Stricklers arrived, Mommy forgot to take any more pictures that evening because there was so much fun happening!

The next morning Daddy made Turner Specials for breakfast, and Otis used Brody as support.

While Henry went to gymnastics with Daddy, we hung out on the trampoline for a bit.

Then we met up with Daddy and Henry to go to the pumpkin patch. (Here are Oliver and I waiting patiently for Henry to arrive.)

Then we found a giant dirt pile and got right to work!

Brody kept holding up handfuls of dirt in front of his face, and then letting it go so the wind would blow it all right back in his face.

I found Ivy!

Then we went hunting through the pumpkin patch!

Family picture!

And the Stricklers!

Brody had a smooth ride around the pumpkin patch.

Henry found Mya and immediately started holding her hand. (If these two aren’t holding hands, they’re hugging.)

Then we found the face-painting station. I decided on a rainbow with a star!

Henry wanted a rainbow as well, but on his hand.

There was also a fun scavenger hunt to complete as well. The second clue took us to the flower garden where we could each pick a flower.

We also saw the Smart family there! Henry and Evan wore the same WSU jersey (to represent the Cougs on game day), so Mommy had to get a picture of those cute boys.

Then after naps, our babysitters came, and Mommy, Daddy, Sam, and Darcee went to cheer on the Cougs as they played the Oregon Ducks!

The face Mommy and Daddy made when the Oregon band came on the field and played their fight song.

At halftime, Mommy went to see her sweet friend, Carrie. Her husband used to coach for the Cougs, but just started his first year of coaching for Oregon. Although Carrie is wearing the wrong colors now, Mommy still adores her!

As the game went on, the Cougs kept doing better and better. This is the face Mommy and Daddy made when they realized (with just minutes left in the game) that the Cougs were actually going to beat the Ducks.

Cougs win 51-33! Such a fun game, and hopefully the turning point of a crummy start to the season!

On Sunday morning, we got a picture (from oldest to youngest) of all of the kids before we left for church. After church we went out to lunch and watched part of the Seahawks game. Then it was sadly time for the Stricklers to head home. We’ll sure miss them, but hope to go visit them next year! Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend!

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