Halloween, 2016

Story told by: Brody

We had a wonderful Halloween!

Lainey started the day with Nocturnal Day at preschool. She immediately knew that her “Night Owl” pajamas were exactly what she needed to wear!

After (im)patiently waiting all day, it was finally time for trick-or-treating!

Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and Peter Pan are excited to get candy! (Although this Peter Pan may have had to be forced into this costume against my screaming, flailing will.)

We visited all of our favorite neighbors.

I made sure that I wasn’t left out of getting candy. I shoved my way up to the front at each and every house.

And in between houses, I had Daddy wheel me around Colton.

My brother and sister were often miles ahead of us.

Henry has a cold, and all of his running around town had him coughing like crazy. When Mommy asked him if he wanted a break or some water, he said, “Nope! Next house!” That kid is committed to his candy.

There aren’t a ton of trick-or-treaters in Colton, so some of the houses hand out entire goody bags filled with candy. It’s awesome!

After visiting 20 (or so) houses, we made our final stop of the night at Nikki, Cece, and Weston’s house. (Lainey and Henry could have gone for much longer, but I was making my tiredness known to the world.) It was fun to see our friends, and to get candy from them!

Once we got home, we got to sort through our loot.

I immediately went for my favorite – a sucker!

Lainey and Henry followed suit, while Daddy enjoyed a full-size candy bar (about which he seemed very excited).

After a few pieces of candy, and the traditional post-candy meltdowns with tons of screaming, it was time to wrap up Halloween. It was such a fun day!

“Help! We’re Stuck!”

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had another fun, busy week!

Mac and Ivy’s mommy, Christy, is sewing stockings for our family (because Mommy is hitting the pause button on cross-stitched stockings for our family since mine is only 15% done, and Mommy hasn’t even bought the patterns for the boys yet – they’ll get them by the time they’re 18 years old). While I’m in preschool, Mommy and the boys have occasionally been going to their house to hang out with the boys while Christy gets some sewing done.

Henry and I had dentist appointments and we rocked them! I let them clean my teeth perfectly, and I wasn’t even nervous.

Henry didn’t even need to sit in Mommy’s lap.

He opened up wide for Dr. Fisher, and then let the hygienist do the cleaning.

Our favorite part was picking a prize out of the prize box, and then going to play in the amazing princess castle they have at their office.

Showing off our shiny teeth and new prizes.

We bought new Sonicare toothbrushes from the dentist. Mommy and Daddy thought we would love them, but turns out that’s not the case. We’re slowly getting used to them. (And since technology is crazy, our toothbrushes have blue tooth in them that connect to an app on the iPad, which shows us how well we brush, and gives us prizes based on that.)

Since we’ve had day after day of rain, we’ve had to get creative with how to get our energy out. Here I decided to make an obstacle course with blocks. This entertained Henry and I for a good 30 minutes.

And like a good little brother, Brody can’t stay out of the picture.

I’m still LOVING dance class. I soak up everything from Miss Brooke like a sponge.

One day we had some time to kill so we went to check out the bears at WSU. Turns out all of the baby bears were in the cage (instead of playing in the field), so we got to see them up close and personal.

Comforting Henry after he let out a loud squeal of delight, which in turn prompted a very loud reply from one of the mommy bears.

While Daddy and I went to my harvest party at AWANA, Mommy and the boys made some apple cinnamon oatmeal bread.

Brody mostly tried to help by pulling the bowl off the counter.

But Henry was very helpful by adding ingredients and mixing them in.

Waiting patiently for the bread to bake.

The next morning Henry came running down to tell Mommy that Daddy and Brody were stuck in the boys’ room. Mommy didn’t believe him at first, but after hearing Daddy’s hollers, Mommy mosied on upstairs to find out that it was in fact true. There was no way to slip tools under the door, so it was up to Mommy to dismantle the doorknob. Oh, great. This is the picture that Mommy sent to Daddy as he tried to walk her through the process. It took about 25 minutes, but they were finally freed. The boys currently have no doorknob on their door, but Daddy is planning on replacing it soon.

We had Nikki, Cece, and Weston over one morning to do a craft.

Fall leaves!

We spend our rainy afternoons doing things like giant floor puzzles (that Brody tries to constantly dismantle).

Henry is also really starting to enjoy building things out of Magna-Tiles.

I had my preschool Pumpkin Party on Friday morning. We got to debut our costumes of Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Peter Pan!

We got to play games for lots of fun prizes.

Henry’s favorite part was the cookie.

Tinkerbell and Owlette (from the show “PJ Masks”).

It was a blast getting to wear our costumes.

And I couldn’t believe that Mrs. O’Loughlin was a crayon. Amazing!

Mya is in the Tuesday/Thursday class, so we got to see her there as well. Unfortunately we had to say our final goodbye to their family as they move to Seattle today, but it was good to have one last fun moment with them.

On Saturday morning we had our family pictures taken (which will be posted once Mommy gets them). Afterwards Mommy and Daddy’s friends, Jessica and Jason, came down from Spokane to visit for the day. I had lots of fun playing with Myla, and Mommy had lots of fun snuggling her little brother, Owen. After their family left, we went to bed, and Mommy and Daddy cheered the Cougars to an on-the-road victory (that they BARELY squeaked out). Go Cougs!

Parties, Pizza, and Pumpkins

Story told by: Henry

We had a wonderful weekend! But unfortunately it didn’t start out so great.

Mommy sent this picture to Daddy on Thursday to let him know just how much fun was being had at home.

And then Mommy took this picture to document how cooperative Brody was being with allowing Mommy to make dinner (so in the Ergo he went).

And then he woke up to watch football with Mommy and Daddy late into the night (in fact, too late for Daddy). Mommy took him to the doctor, and it turns out he has another ear infection. Wait, what’s that you ask? Didn’t he get tubes? YES, he did. And are those tubes still in? YES, they are. This kid is so committed to ear infections that he doesn’t care whether he has tubes or not. He’s going to rock that infection (and whine a lot while doing it). Poor guy got some drops, and slowly improved throughout the weekend.

We had a weekend full of Mya! We got to go to her third birthday party on Friday night.

There were fun crafts and yummy cupcakes!

After gymnastics on Saturday morning, we went to Owen’s fourth birthday party. It was a “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” theme, so we got to decorate pumpkins.

Later in the day, we put our dress-up clothes to good use. Lainey come up to Mommy and said, “I’m going to a job. A very important job.”

This girl has quite the fashion sense.

After naps, Mya and her family brought pizza over for dinner. Mommy got to spend some time with Mya’s little brother, Keller.

And Mya got to have a sleepover with Lainey! Apparently they talked for a loooooooooooong time, but they had a blast.

And then the adults watched the Cougs beat UCLA (and then Mya’s mommy and daddy went home).

As usual, we were up bright and early (I was the winner at 5:07 a.m.), so we got right to coloring.

Before leaving for church, I read some books to Mya.

Mya and her family move to Seattle in less than a week. We are going to miss them SO much, but we’re very blessed by their wonderful friendship.

Lainey and Mya wanted matching hair, so they both got fishtail braids.

After church we had a fun lunch with our home group, and then came home to carve pumpkins! Here I am carefully checking out the guts of the pumpkin.

I helped Daddy for approximately two minutes.

And then I left Daddy on his own so I could watch a Halloween cartoon.

Lainey also helped with her pumpkin.

We took a quick break for dinner, and managed to catch Brody’s silly face. He does this when he knows he’s being funny. What a goof!

Then we put the pumpkins on the porch!

Lainey’s pumpkin is a mermaid.

Mommy’s pumpkin is a ghost.

My pumpkin is the Batman symbol!

Daddy made a silly face on his pumpkin.

Brody got Daniel Tiger on his pumpkin.

We LOVE our pumpkins, but Brody wasn’t so sure about the face on the pumpkin.

After having a quick stare down, he decided the pumpkin was okay.

We made a countdown chain for Halloween tonight. We can’t wait!!

Fall Fun!

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a busy week full of enjoyable activities!

Mommy and Daddy went on a date last week. Their first stop was a furniture store to look at couches. They enjoyed sipping coffee while pretending they owned this leather couch. (And then they went to dinner and a movie to make for a wonderful night together.)

My class had a field trip to the apple orchard. We got to pick two giant apples!

I ate the first apple, and then gave the other one to Henry.

Henry is SO ready for his turn at preschool next fall. Whenever Mommy and the boys come to pick me up, Henry sits right down on the couch and starts reading.

When we’re at home, I make sure the boys look their best.

Henry loves showing off his singing skills!

Last week was Bring-A-Friend night at AWANA, so I asked Joseph to come with me.

I had a great time (as always), and I hope Joseph did, too.

I still love going to story time! Brody is working on sitting still for the story, so I sometimes have to hold onto him with a firm grip.

Mommy took us to get our flu shots recently, and since we were very well behaved, we met Daddy after work for some ice cream (or cupcakes for the boys).

This is my “It’s very cold, but I’m trying to smile” face.

High fives for being done with shots!

One day while I was at preschool, the boys went to play with some friends.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so on the rare days when it’s not raining, we take the chance to get outside (even if it does mean that Henry gets so muddy that he has to strip down to his diaper before getting into the car).

We had Nikki, Cece, and Weston over to play last week while their Mommy and Daddy went on a date.

Miraculously Brody left our blocks alone for a few moments, so we were able to build princess castles.

But turns out the castles were just too tempting for Brody, so Nikki had to build her castle on the table.

Daddy brought home some delicious pizza for all of us to have for dinner!

And then we ended the night by watching “Tangled” together.

Mommy took Henry to gymnastics last weekend, and then went on a doughnut date with him. He really wanted a green doughnut, but since they didn’t have any, he was pretty happy with this powdered doughnut.

Mommy sure loves the goofiness of this kid.

There was a 7 p.m. kickoff for football last Saturday, and it rained most of the game. That didn’t stop these committed fans from being there!

And good thing they were there because the Cougs pulled out a win against UCLA! Go Cougs!

Hazel’s mommy and daddy were there looking like Coleman marshmallows.

Also, Mommy FINALLY saw Sadie and Sarah at a game after sitting less than 20 rows apart for the past ten years. It was a moment that needed to be documented.

The baking is in full swing because it’s fall, and that’s what you do in the fall! This pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread made for a wonderful breakfast.

Brody is really into peek-a-boo lately.

We were somehow five minutes early for leaving for home group, so we sat down to take some goofy pictures together because…why not?

I love laying my clothes out each night. While Mommy was putting the boys to bed, I came bounding into their room to say, “Mommy, you have to come see this. Isn’t this the cutest outfit for tomorrow?!”

Ivy came over to our house to play last week. We had a blast together!

We had a rare sunny day yesterday, so Mommy took the boys to the park while I was at preschool. Henry found the puddles and just went to town.

My preschool picture came back yesterday. Mommy LOVES it!

A Weekend with the Shafers!

Story told by: Lainey

We had more company this weekend, and we loved it! Daddy’s cousin, Alex, and his family drove over from the west side of the state to visit us for a few days.

After the Shafers arrived, we had dinner, and then it was bath time! Molly and I are one month apart, so we had a blast together.

Molly’s mommy, Kara, was a book-reading champion this weekend!

Molly got to stay in my room with me. It was so special to have my first official sleepover with her! (I tried one with another friend before, but she got too nervous. Molly wasn’t nervous in the slightest!)

Molly’s family are AMAZING sleepers. They often slept until 8:30 or 9 a.m., but since Molly and I were sleeping together, she got up with the Robinsons at the crack of dawn. We entertained ourselves for several hours with shows, coloring, stickers, and toys.

And Brody entertained himself by doing naughty things (but looking so darn cute while doing it).

Once everyone woke up, we went to check out the bears at WSU.

Then, since the Shafers have never been to Ferdinand’s (which is a MUST when you come to Pullman), we went to get some delicious ice cream and cheese.

Then we went to check out the Palouse Discovery Science Center.

Digging for dinosaur bones!

Alex went to get lunch for us, so we had some delicious chicken nuggets, and then got right back to playing!

After a bit more playing, Mommy took the boys home for naps, and I went with the Shafers to visit the arboretum in Moscow.

And then we went to pick out some fun crafts at Michael’s!

When we got home, the boys were awake, so we got right to crafting!

We made some awesome masks!

The next morning, Brody was up first, so he and Mommy hung out for a bit.

Brody loves giving big, slobbery kisses.

And what’s cuter than a baby in a box?! Absolutely nothing.

Sadie is just a couple of months younger than Brody. They spent most of their time together fighting over things. (The adults were a little shocked they fought so much, but they do have some great examples from their wonderful older siblings.)

Daddy and Henry went to gymnastics on Saturday morning, so we pulled out the very detailed craft to do while he was gone.

These two rode all over the house.

Our finished pumpkins! We did REALLY well for our first craft with these melty beads!

After Daddy and Henry got home, we went to the pumpkin patch in Clarkston.

We had a delicious BBQ lunch.

Bet you’ve never seen a pork parfait before! It was delicious!

We went through a hay maze (that was incredibly narrow, and easy for us kids to get separated from the adults because we’re quick and small).

We found a big bear made out of hay.

Family picture.

The Shafer Family.

Checking out the chickens in their cage.

Then we went on a horse-drawn wagon ride!

Then we went to the petting zoo to pet some goats. Henry was most fascinated about how they went to the bathroom.

Next we got to pet a bunny who has a special type of fur that makes him SO soft.

There was an arena of hay that we got to explore.

Any four-year-old who wanted to sign up could try to catch a greased pig. Molly and I did it! We got our hands greased first, and then a pig was placed in the arena. We attempted to try to catch the pig, but it was over so fast because the pig stopped immediately and let another little girl catch him (he must have known how to get this game over with quickly). Mommy and Kara were proud of us for giving it a try!

Brody had a good vantage point to watch the catching of the pig.

We ended our visit with picking out our pumpkins.

We picked out the biggest pumpkins we could find. Thankfully we had lots of strong people to carry them!

Mommy picked the smallest of the pumpkins, so I was able to help her out.

Perched atop our enormous pumpkins.

After we got home, we picked the rest of the apples of our trees. We’re sending them home with the Shafers for their cider-making weekend that’s coming up.

We did some more crafts before dinner.

Henry loved his monster pirate!

One last night of sleeping with Molly was a blast! There was much less giggling by the third night, though, because we were tired, and fell asleep right away!

We had a big group hug before we had to part ways on Sunday morning. It was such a fun visit, and I’m already talking about when I get to see Molly next. Thanks for making the trip!

A Perfect October Weekend!

Story told by: Lainey

We had the Stricklers visit from Montana this weekend! We had a blast!

On Friday evening we played outside as we eagerly anticipated their arrival. I taught Henry how to put his arm around my waist for a picture. Once the Stricklers arrived, Mommy forgot to take any more pictures that evening because there was so much fun happening!

The next morning Daddy made Turner Specials for breakfast, and Otis used Brody as support.

While Henry went to gymnastics with Daddy, we hung out on the trampoline for a bit.

Then we met up with Daddy and Henry to go to the pumpkin patch. (Here are Oliver and I waiting patiently for Henry to arrive.)

Then we found a giant dirt pile and got right to work!

Brody kept holding up handfuls of dirt in front of his face, and then letting it go so the wind would blow it all right back in his face.

I found Ivy!

Then we went hunting through the pumpkin patch!

Family picture!

And the Stricklers!

Brody had a smooth ride around the pumpkin patch.

Henry found Mya and immediately started holding her hand. (If these two aren’t holding hands, they’re hugging.)

Then we found the face-painting station. I decided on a rainbow with a star!

Henry wanted a rainbow as well, but on his hand.

There was also a fun scavenger hunt to complete as well. The second clue took us to the flower garden where we could each pick a flower.

We also saw the Smart family there! Henry and Evan wore the same WSU jersey (to represent the Cougs on game day), so Mommy had to get a picture of those cute boys.

Then after naps, our babysitters came, and Mommy, Daddy, Sam, and Darcee went to cheer on the Cougs as they played the Oregon Ducks!

The face Mommy and Daddy made when the Oregon band came on the field and played their fight song.

At halftime, Mommy went to see her sweet friend, Carrie. Her husband used to coach for the Cougs, but just started his first year of coaching for Oregon. Although Carrie is wearing the wrong colors now, Mommy still adores her!

As the game went on, the Cougs kept doing better and better. This is the face Mommy and Daddy made when they realized (with just minutes left in the game) that the Cougs were actually going to beat the Ducks.

Cougs win 51-33! Such a fun game, and hopefully the turning point of a crummy start to the season!

On Sunday morning, we got a picture (from oldest to youngest) of all of the kids before we left for church. After church we went out to lunch and watched part of the Seahawks game. Then it was sadly time for the Stricklers to head home. We’ll sure miss them, but hope to go visit them next year! Thank you guys for a wonderful weekend!