One Last Hurrah!

Story told by: Lainey

We’re in denial that summer is ending, so we had one last trip to go out with a bang!

After dinner on Thursday, we put on our PJs and made the long trip to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house in Tacoma.

I passed out around 9 p.m., and Henry hung on until 10 p.m. We arrived around midnight and went right to bed.

We hung out with Na Na and Ba Ba the next morning, and then we left to go meet our friends.

We met the Campbell family at Red Robin to start our fun weekend together. (We’ve been spending Labor Day weekend together for ten years.)

Addie (who is two years old) and I enjoyed coloring together during lunch. (She also joined Henry and Brody in some occasional temper tantrums.)

After lunch, we drove for about two hours to head to a cabin for our weekend in Port Angeles.

When we arrived, we got right to playing while the adults unloaded the car. (That’s the Strait of Juan de Fuca you see out the window. Gorgeous view!)

After the adults were finally done unloading, we went outside to explore.

Victoria is one of Mommy’s closest and dearest friends. (And she’s holding her sweet six-month-old baby boy, Baylen.)

Running from the waves.

Making rock angels. (That’s a thing, right?)

Brody was happy to wander by himself. See ya later buddy!

Mommy hanging out with Brody and Baylen.

While we were playing outside, Karl went grocery shopping. I think we have enough food for a small army.

After dinner, Brody went to bed, and we watched part of a movie before we headed to bed.

Unfortunately the night took an unexpected turn, and Brody ended up in the ER. As Mommy and Daddy headed to bed, they noticed Brody really struggling to breathe. They called the pediatrician in Pullman, and he told them to take him immediately to the ER. Here he is getting a chest x-ray.

The first round of medicine didn’t work, but the second round worked very well! His airways opened right up. The doctor said his cold had turned into bronchitis, which can cause kids’ small airways to swell, thus causing major breathing problems.

We had to hang around for hours while the doctors made sure Brody was okay to leave.

Around 1 a.m., Daddy couldn’t take it anymore and needed a snooze.

Brody’s name and birthday were entered incorrectly, so Mommy and Daddy are convinced they don’t have to pay for this visit. Good luck finding Brody Ribinson!

Shortly after 1 a.m., Brody was given the all clear (as well as a steroid prescription for the bronchitis, and an inhaler). Mommy and Daddy felt so much relief when sweet Brody was breathing well. Victoria and Karl were champs and stayed with Henry and I while we were sound asleep. Last year, during Labor Day 2015, Victoria and Karl stayed with us while Mommy took Daddy to have his appendix removed. It would sure be nice if this whole hospital thing didn’t become a tradition.

The next morning Karl made us some awesome pancakes!

And then built an amazing fort for us.

Then just the Robinsons went to meet Aunt Patti (who lives in Port Angeles) for some coffee and delicious treats. We had a great visit catching up with her, but unfortunately we missed getting a picture with everyone because we got a little unruly towards the end.

After coffee, we met up with the Campbells again for a pizza picnic lunch and playground fun.

Then we spent at least an hour waiting for Brody’s prescription (while Mommy and Daddy bought basically whatever we wanted from Walgreens just to keep us from melting down at 2 p.m. (a.k.a. prime naptime)).

There was a great tree fort at the cabin we enjoyed exploring.

And a rope swing. How cool is this place?!

Then we watched the Coug game. It did not end well. End of story. On to next week!

The adults ended the night with their traditional Labor Day game of Mexican Train.

Before we headed out on our adventure to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park, the adults needed their fuel to survive the day.

We traveled up the mountain quite a ways (and even got to drive through tunnels – our favorite part), and then got out of the car for a nice stroll.

Looking at deer in the field.





Pictures with Henry.

Then I lean over and say, “I’m going to marry you.”

And then I laugh because I’m simply HILARIOUS.

I get quite a laugh over it.

While the boys took naps, Addie and I watched a movie.

And the adults continued their game of Mexican Train.

After naps, we continued playing outside.


We also got some group pictures with the cabin in the background.


We ended our last night together with a campfire and s’mores.

Henry snuck a marshmallow while waiting for the other marshmallows to be roasted.

S’MORES!! The best!

Henry moved a little too quickly (shocking) and got stuck to a marshmallow stick.

Then throughout the night dirt collected in the marshmallow, so this kid definitely needed a bath before bed. Such a wonderful weekend with some of our favorite people. We’re so grateful for their amazing friendship.

On Monday morning we got up and drove back to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house. Na Na had gifts to deliver from Uncle Charlie. Thanks for the neat Pillow Pets!

After naps for all of us, we headed to the Washington State Fair. I was so excited for the rides, but Henry absolutely refused.

Henry wouldn’t even ride the train, so I went with Na Na and Ba Ba.

As we walked past The Fun Zone, Henry insisted that this was what he wanted to do.

Climbing! Perfect for this kid!

Time to drive a car! (Henry was in line with me until he decided it wasn’t for him, so I drove with a new friend.)

Henry and I did the giant slide. He didn’t love it, but at least he didn’t cry. I LOVED it!

My final ride choice was the canoes!

Then Mommy and Daddy introduced us to fair food!

Mommy introduced all of us (including Daddy, Na Na, and Ba Ba) to a funnel cake. SO. GOOD.

And this is what I’d been asking for all evening.

Although I ate a lot of the cotton candy, there was no way I could do it on my own, so I shared.

Once we were so full we couldn’t eat anything else, we still managed to find room for the famous scones. Delicious!

We arrived home this evening, exhausted yet fulfilled from a wonderful weekend. What a great way to end the summer. Now we can welcome fall because I start preschool TOMORROW!!!

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