Doctor Appointments (Henry – 2 1/2, & Brody – 15 Months)

Story told by: Brody

I had my 15-month appointment today with Dr. Mike (and I had to drag Henry along for his 2 1/2-year appointment).

I was a little nervous when we got into the room because I remember this place, and this place has painful pokes!

But Mommy got me to smile.

Lainey was also helping to comfort me.

With all three of us in the room, things got a little crowded (especially when we all wanted to play with the same toy).

After getting our measurements taken, we played and waited for Dr. Mike to arrive.

Henry and I took turns opening the door, and laughing as Mommy came over to close it. We did this at least 20 times. (We’ve got to give her something to do, right?)

The nurse came in with our measurements, and we’re the top-of-the-chart winners! Here are my measurements for my 15-month appointment:

Height: 33 1/2 inches (greater than 98th percentile) (Henry was 33 3/4 inches and Lainey was 32 1/2 inches)

Weight: 30.12 pounds (greater than 98th percentile) (Henry was 29 pounces, 1 ounce, and Lainey was 23 pounds, 1 ounce)

Head Circumference: 20 inches (greater than 98th percentile) (Henry was 20 inches and Lainey was 19 1/2 inches)

Here are Henry’s measurement for his 2 1/2-year appointment: (The doctors just recently started having kids do a 2 1/2-year appointment, so we don’t have any of Lainey’s measurements for this age.)

Height: 37.8 inches (90th percentile)

Weight: 38.4 pounds (greater than 95th percentile)

After waiting for a few minutes, Dr. Mike came in, and I got to go first! I was a little hesitant, but I didn’t cry. I just made sure to keep my eyes on him at all times.

Dr. Mike says that I’m looking pretty good, but that it might be best to take me off whole milk and switch to 2% milk. The more I keep moving, the more some of this pudge will come off!

And then it was Henry’s turn, and he had lots of fun laughing with Dr. Mike.

Dr. Mike says Henry is solid, solid, solid! His weight is a little out of proportion with his height, but Dr. Mike says that’s because he is one muscle-filled little boy. I guess I’m going to have to beef up on my muscle if I have any chance of defending myself from my big brother. Henry also appears to have an issue with handling fructose (strawberries, watermelon, and juice are the big culprits so far), so Mommy and Daddy have to work to determine how much he can handle.

I only had to have one poke at the end of my appointment to test my iron levels, and then we were good to go! See you in a few months for my 18-month appointment!

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