Camping at Ocean Shores, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

We went to Ocean Shores this weekend for the Robinson family get together! (It was our first time at the ocean, so we were extra excited.)

After staying in Tacoma with Na Na and Ba Ba on Thursday night, we got to Ocean Shores around lunch time on Friday. Na Na and Ba Ba love Dugan’s Pizza, so we gave it a try for lunch. Yummy!

Then we went into the belly of the shark. Ahhhhhh!

Once we got to the campground, Henry helped Daddy put up the tent.

Na Na showed me a fun yarn craft. Crimson and gray yarn made it PERFECT!

Na Na and I made bracelets, necklaces, and yarn people. I love them!

While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, we took the trail down to the beach to check out the ocean.

Henry seeing the “big, big water” for the first time. Amazing.

It was 65 degrees (a 30-degree change from our house), so we had to pull out our pants and sweatshirts for this trip.


Once we got back to our tent, family had started arriving. Henry made friends with Annika right away.

Time for an evening campfire.

And the best part of an evening campfire…S’MORES!

This is my “I want to eat the whole s’more in one bite” face.

After the campfire, we went back to our site so we could put Brody to bed. Before bedtime for myself and Henry, Na Na and I had fun with pool noodles.

This hole was Henry’s happy place all weekend.

After waking up with the sun and having an early breakfast, we went back to the beach. Lucy and I had fun digging in the sand.

There were little jellyfish embedded in the sand, but apparently these don’t sting. Stella picked one up to show me. It felt like jello.

We had fun running out to the waves, and then racing them back to the shore.

After going back to the campsite for a quick lunch, we came back to join the cousins on their sand castle.

They tried to bury me in the sand, but I was much too wiggly for the sand to stay put. This is the best we could do.

Then when it was Henry’s turn to be buried, my first bucket of sand went right on his face. That ended his sand burial very quickly.

Ba Ba brought some kites for us to fly.

Brody played in the sand…

…and did lots of face plants in the sand.

Checking out the shells I found.

After showers and naps, we were ready for an evening of fun.

Molly (and her Mommy) bought matching Minnie Mouse sweatshirts for us to wear. Pink with ruffles?! I don’t think there could have been any better choice!

Daddy and his cousin, Alex (also Molly’s daddy).

Na Na taught Daddy and I how to shell peanuts.

Great Grandma Jackie made airplanes for us out of plates. I’m intently watching her process to make sure it’s up to snuff.

Another evening of sitting around the fire and eating s’mores!

We packed up early to head out on Sunday morning, but before we left town, Mommy and Daddy let us stop by the shark shop to pick out a souvenir. I got a pink, sparkly dolphin, and Henry picked a fish (that he calls Dory).

We ate lunch at Red Robin near Tacoma, and after that, we passed out for a couple of hours.

And a very tired Mommy and Daddy couldn’t sleep all the way home, so they had lots of coffee. (Thank goodness because with drive time, a stop for lunch, a stop for dinner, and bathroom stops, travel time was TWELVE hours.) We loved seeing our family and playing at the beach. What a fun last camping trip of the summer!

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