4th of July, 2016

Story told by: Henry

We absolutely love the 4th of July!

We started the day with a festive breakfast!

Then we got dressed in our red, white, and blue, and headed to Johnson for the parade. Lainey was very excited to wear her red boots!

We arrived early to get a good spot, so we had time to play before the parade started.

Family picture!

We had lots of friends join us for the parade (although I wasn’t in this picture because I was in someone’s yard pulling all of the leaves off their tree).

I also spent lots of time in their yard jumping across the ditch.

Mommy had her friends Christy and Samm there as well.

And Chelsea and Molly.

I was thrilled to have my buddy, Mya, there. (She was wearing Lainey’s dress from two years ago.)

Samm made red, white, and blue scones to share with our group while we waited for the parade to start.

The start of the parade is getting close!

We got to sit with Ivy and Mac as well.

Here comes the parade!

Go Cougs!

Brody loved the parade!

After the parade, Lainey and I did some sidewalk chalk with Daddy.

During naps, Mommy made her red, white, and blue trifle dish. After we woke up, we went to the Reed’s house for their annual 4th of July BBQ.

Even though there was some amazing food, we took two bites and then spent the rest of the time on their play structure.

After I had a screaming meltdown, we decided it was time to head home to play with our fireworks. We put Brody to bed, and started with some pop-its.

Then I got to try a sparkler for the first time. Lainey was nervous, but I had no problem grabbing a stick that’s on fire and has sparks flying out of it.

After the sparklers, we roasted marshmallows over the campfire for s’mores!

I got a little messy.

Perfect end to a wonderful day! We went to bed with happy tummies. Happy 4th of July!


Oh, and Mommy never got around to posting it a couple of weeks ago, but here’s a fun 4th of July craft we did with our friends Aesy and Ellie.

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