Swim Lessons with Dede, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

I just finished my swim lessons with Dede! They were every day for two weeks, and I loved every moment!

Mommy was smart enough to work with my friends to get us all into the same class! (From left to right…Hailey (she was the only kid I didn’t know before the class), Ivy, Noah, Evan, Brock, and me!)

And the best thing is that Mommy got to sit with her friends, too! (Since swim lessons were right at nap time, Henry and Brody stayed with a babysitter each day. Mommy got lots of time to relax.)

We started with assistance from Dede as we swam across the pool.

At the end of class each day, we had 15 minutes of free time where Mommy could get in the pool.

We could also go down the slide during free time!

Hanging out with my buddies before swim class one day.

Last Friday we were leaving right after swim lessons to go camping, so Henry, Brody, and Daddy got to come to lessons. Henry waited patiently for free swim.

It was finally time for Henry and Daddy to get in. With some floaties and a pool noodle, Henry started swimming all over the pool.

As soon as Mommy asked Henry to smile for a picture, he started kicking as much as he could. Stinker.

Dede’s rule is that once you go up the slide, you have to come down. Unfortunately Henry got to experience that rule the hard way.

With a tiny bit of assistance from Dede, I swam all the way from the deep end to the shallow end!

On our last day, we had to get a picture of us with Taylor, the babysitter that’s been hanging out with the boys for the last two weeks. (Taylor was in third grade during Mommy’s first year of teaching.) Henry LOVED Taylor, and as soon as he would wake up each day, he would ask when Taylor was going to arrive.

One last picture with Ivy before we start lessons.

Freestyle swimming.

We worked on diving for the last week of lessons. Diving makes me a little nervous, but I still give it a go (and often land right on my belly).

Jumping in and swimming all the way across! Such an improvement in two weeks!

Dede always gives the best lollipops on the last day. Thank you for a great two weeks! I can’t wait until next summer (when Henry gets to be in lessons as well).

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