Cousin Camping

Story told by: Lainey

We met some of Daddy’s cousins at Smokiam RV Resort in Soap Lake (near Moses Lake) for a fun camping weekend!

We got there around dinner time, and Daddy got right to work on setting up the tent.

While Daddy was setting up the campsite, we went to check out the awesome playground. (There is also a pool, a miniature golf course, and outdoor Saturday night movies. This place is amazing!)

There are some great teepees that guests can stay in as well.

Henry resting in the hammock.

Once things were set up, Uncle Alex got the fire going.

Roasting my first marshmallow!! (Since I was born, every time we’ve gone camping there has been a burn ban, so I’ve never been able to do this. I loved it!)

My FIRST s’more!

Henry got some help from Daddy with his marshmallows.

Henry loved his first s’more as well!

Cozied up with Mommy by the fire.

We woke up the next morning, and Daddy made eggs and bacon. (This expression on his face is from a sip of crummy coffee we had for camping.)

I played with Lucy and Molly in their portable tent.

And while we continued to wait for breakfast, Henry and I sat down for some morning reading.

After a yummy breakfast, we showed some of the cousins how to play Sneaky Squirrel.

While the adults started packing up our stuff to head to the water park, Molly, Lucy, and I snuck into Lucy’s car and went to work with the markers. The adults should have known we were being too quiet!

We even colored my teeth.

After we wiped off our faces, we headed to the water park in Moses Lake for the day!

Brody and Sadie enjoyed splashing in the water together.

I had fun with Molly and Lucy (although they were not in the mood for this picture).

After spending hours at the water park, we drove back to the campground and walked down to check out the lake.

I was intent on making a castle.

Henry worked hard to fill up his entire bucket.

While we played in the sand, Brody hung out with Mommy and Daddy (which kept him from shoveling sand into his mouth).

We came back to the campsite for another fire and more s’mores!

Smiling with Daddy after just shoving a marshmallow into my mouth.

Uncle Ian went out to play frisbee with Henry for awhile.

It mostly involved Uncle Ian throwing and catching the frisbee himself.

The next morning we put on a variety show with a band and story time while the adults cleaned up camp.

Before we all started our drive home, we tried to get a group picture. After late nights, early mornings, and missed naps, not everyone was in the best mood, but at least we got a picture to remember a wonderful camping trip! (And the adults learned to take the group shot on the first day before exhaustion has set in.) See you at the beach in a few weeks!

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