Cousin Camping

Story told by: Lainey

We met some of Daddy’s cousins at Smokiam RV Resort in Soap Lake (near Moses Lake) for a fun camping weekend!

We got there around dinner time, and Daddy got right to work on setting up the tent.

While Daddy was setting up the campsite, we went to check out the awesome playground. (There is also a pool, a miniature golf course, and outdoor Saturday night movies. This place is amazing!)

There are some great teepees that guests can stay in as well.

Henry resting in the hammock.

Once things were set up, Uncle Alex got the fire going.

Roasting my first marshmallow!! (Since I was born, every time we’ve gone camping there has been a burn ban, so I’ve never been able to do this. I loved it!)

My FIRST s’more!

Henry got some help from Daddy with his marshmallows.

Henry loved his first s’more as well!

Cozied up with Mommy by the fire.

We woke up the next morning, and Daddy made eggs and bacon. (This expression on his face is from a sip of crummy coffee we had for camping.)

I played with Lucy and Molly in their portable tent.

And while we continued to wait for breakfast, Henry and I sat down for some morning reading.

After a yummy breakfast, we showed some of the cousins how to play Sneaky Squirrel.

While the adults started packing up our stuff to head to the water park, Molly, Lucy, and I snuck into Lucy’s car and went to work with the markers. The adults should have known we were being too quiet!

We even colored my teeth.

After we wiped off our faces, we headed to the water park in Moses Lake for the day!

Brody and Sadie enjoyed splashing in the water together.

I had fun with Molly and Lucy (although they were not in the mood for this picture).

After spending hours at the water park, we drove back to the campground and walked down to check out the lake.

I was intent on making a castle.

Henry worked hard to fill up his entire bucket.

While we played in the sand, Brody hung out with Mommy and Daddy (which kept him from shoveling sand into his mouth).

We came back to the campsite for another fire and more s’mores!

Smiling with Daddy after just shoving a marshmallow into my mouth.

Uncle Ian went out to play frisbee with Henry for awhile.

It mostly involved Uncle Ian throwing and catching the frisbee himself.

The next morning we put on a variety show with a band and story time while the adults cleaned up camp.

Before we all started our drive home, we tried to get a group picture. After late nights, early mornings, and missed naps, not everyone was in the best mood, but at least we got a picture to remember a wonderful camping trip! (And the adults learned to take the group shot on the first day before exhaustion has set in.) See you at the beach in a few weeks!

I’m Walking!

Story told by: Brody

I’ve been dabbling in walking for the past month, but I’ve really taken off the last few days. I’m the latest walker of the Robinson kids (Henry walked at ten months, and Lainey walked at twelve months), but it was worth the wait! Watch me go!

Dance Pictures, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

Unfortunately we missed dance pictures because of our vacation with Grandma and Grandpa. I was able to attend the make up day for pictures, though, so while I wasn’t in the group picture, I did get an individual picture!

Lainey web-3

Dance Recital, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

I had my dance recital last night! We left the boys with a babysitter, and headed out for the big night.

My tap dance costume.

Me and my good buddy, Hazel.

Me and my good buddy, Ivy. Ivy was grumpy at the beginning of these pictures, so I decided to go with it and also make a grumpy face.

Happy faces!

Our first dance! I’m right in the middle. It went great!

Costume change for our ballet dance.

I’m in the middle for this dance as well. This dance went well until the last 20 seconds or so, but then a spot was lost and some confusion happened. Mommy was proud of how I handled it, though, and told me that I still danced beautifully!

Fortunately one of Mommy’s friends got a video of our dress rehearsal dance on Friday night, so if you want to see how the dance should have ended, you can watch this.

After all of the dances were done, each class came out to bow with Miss Brooke.

Each dancer got trophies. I received my trophy for my third year of dance!

I love Miss Brooke! Thank you for another wonderful year of dance. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dancing!

Posing with my trophy from Miss Brooke, and my flower from Mommy and Daddy.

I was still a little bummed about how my ballet dance ended, so when we went to ice cream, Mommy let me put as many toppings as I wanted on my ice cream. That was just what I needed!

I requested to eat outside because, “the weather is bootiful.”

My daddy is so strange (but he always makes me laugh).

It was fun to end the night being silly with Mommy and Daddy! I already can’t wait for dance to start again in September!

Camping with Grandma and Grandpa – Part Two

Story told by: Lainey

….continued from Part One.

One day we drove 40 minutes to Sunriver, Oregon for some fun shopping and kids’ activities. Unfortunately all of the kids’ activities were closed (but the website didn’t reflect this information ahead of time). So we made do with the other activities, and ended up still having lots of fun!

We found some rocks to climb on.

I also tried out my balancing skills.

Daddy got in on the fun as well (and I had to quickly get out of the way of that crazy guy).

We got some yummy ice cream at Goody’s.

After ice cream, we went to the nature center. We started by walking through their gardens. Henry said he saw 13 tigers while we were there. Crazy kid.

Then we went to check on the swan out on the island. She is sitting on her eggs, waiting for them to hatch.

Checking out the owls.

We found a playground. Most of it was closed for construction, but there were a few structures open.

While playing across the playground, Mommy looked over and saw Henry at the top of this climbing toy. Daddy ran over to assist just in case he needed help, but of course he didn’t…he’s a monkey!

Next we went to Sunriver Brewing Company, and Daddy was in heaven! He loved the beer sampler!

Grandma joined in on the beer sampler fun.

And Grandpa!

While we waited for the food to arrived, we got to play in the COOLEST kids’ area in the restaurant. Mommy and Daddy would come here all of the time if this were closer to home!

And then the delicious food arrived!

One morning Mommy and Daddy got quite a chuckle over my braid that was sticking straight out from my head. Come on guys, I just woke up…give me a moment.

Thankfully Grandpa helped us to celebrate National Doughnut Day!

Mommy says that Grandpa can always be counted on for doughnuts!

Another early morning with Daddy sleeping on the couch, and us watching cartoons.

More pool time!

On another morning, we went out to Black Bear Diner. Grandma and Grandpa are big softies, so they bought each of us a bear.

Brody loved his bear!

Henry needed some time to warm up to his bear.

When we were in Sunriver, we visited a toy shop, and Grandma and Grandpa bought some fun activities for us. Henry got a water coloring book.

I got a princess stencil.

I loved designing different princesses!

On our last full day in Oregon, Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding for Kristian and Heather. Kristian was a good friend from the WSU marching band. Mommy and Daddy had so much fun catching up with lots of friends from college.

Unfortunately the temperature was in the mid-90s (20 degrees above the average temperature), so things got a little toasty.

Christine is pregnant with baby number two, so Mommy requested a special pregnant drink for her. This is what the bartender came up with!

Picture perfect.

Kristian (the groom) is the one in the suit in the back row. Mommy and Daddy were so happy to get to be there to celebrate his marriage!

While Mommy and Daddy were at the wedding, Grandma and Grandpa took us to the park (which is where Henry is in the picture above), to McDonald’s for dinner, and back to the motor home for a movie. Thanks for a great last night Grandma and Grandpa! We love you!!

I’ll leave you with this video of Henry at lunch on our drive home. Such a goof!

Camping with Grandma and Grandpa – Part One

Story told by: Henry

We got to go camping with Grandma and Bakka (as I like to call Grandpa) last week. They drove the motor home out from Illinois, and we met them at Crooked River Ranch in Oregon.

Since I just couldn’t seem to control myself from touching/hitting/poking Lainey on our seven-hour drive, Daddy devised a divider to go between us. I didn’t enjoy it too much, but Mommy and Daddy really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

After driving for a couple of hours, we stopped at the Country Mercantile for a yummy treat!

Mommy let us pick out five pieces of candy. It was hard to decide!

Time to eat our treats!

Later we stopped for lunch, and Daddy taught me the important skill of eating the last crusty part off of a corn dog stick.

After a relatively peaceful drive, we arrived before Grandma and Grandpa, so we got to work on helping Daddy put up the tent.

I got bored with putting up the tent after about 17 seconds, so naturally I then found the only puddle within miles and got right to work.

Perfect. Now it feels like camping has really begun!

We had dinner at a restaurant on the ranch. We were thrilled to welcome Grandma and Bakka, and then it was time for bed! Brody went to sleep first, and we quickly followed.

The next day, we utilized the campground’s sprinklers to cool off.

After we went to bed that night, the adults got in a good game of Euchre. (Mommy and Daddy were a Euchre team all week long, and Grandma and Bakka beat them every. single. time.)

Since Brody and I didn’t want to waste a minute of daylight, we took turns waking everyone up between 4:30 and 5:00 each morning. (Notice my yawn. I was committed enough to our waking-everyone-up-crazy-early plan that I forced myself out of bed even when exhausted.)

Fortunately Grandma and Bakka left the motor home open, so we could come in, eat cereal, and watch three hours of cartoons until they woke up at 7:30.

The campground had a playground that we used quite a bit.

Daddy and Lainey got in some soccer practice.

While Grandma and Bakka got ready one morning, we walked to the overlook of the river. Beautiful!

I wanted to jump over the edge, but Daddy wouldn’t let me. Not cool.

Brody isn’t walking yet, so Grandma spent some time working on it with him.

And so did Bakka (while I ran laps around them).

We had some very hot, record-breaking weather, so we spent lots of time at the pool.

Lainey learned how to do flips under the water!

Whenever I got a chance, I was in the dirt! I went through at least three sets of clothes per day (thank goodness for Bakka’s washing machine in the motor home).

We took naps in the air-conditioned motor home, but Brody just wasn’t havin’ it. He often slept on Mommy or Daddy, or in the stroller parked in the shade. (Daddy often decided to join him.)

Grandma picked out some awesome kites for us! It was my first kite-flying experience, and I did pretty well.

Lainey had a little situation with her kite, but Daddy was able to get it out of the tree.

After dinner one evening, we had a fun game of Bocce Ball.

Lainey played with the adults, while I covered myself in gravel at the playground.

Mommy and Bakka were partners, and they had a come-from-behind victory to win it all! Yay!

One day we went on a hike to see Steelhead Falls. We were told it was an easy hike, but after doing the hike, Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t consider steep hills, narrows paths, and perilous footing an easy hike with kids.

When the path was wide enough, I walked with Grandpa for a bit.

Then I spent some time on my own (as it should be).

But for 75% of the trail, I had to hold Mommy’s hand because they didn’t want me tumbling down the embankment into the river. (I insisted it would be fun, but they didn’t listen). So, I did my best to become a limp, 35-pound screaming terror who Mommy had to drag along the tricky, steep hike. Hopefully Mommy learned her lesson.

The rest of the crew followed peacefully behind me.

Brody took a quick snooze on Daddy.

At the bottom of the trail, there were some beautiful waterfalls!

We found a rock bed that allowed us to go out near the river.

Lainey was very strong, and did the entire hike on her own (kind of a show off if you ask me).

Back at the campground, we had lots of time to ride our bikes.

I’m getting faster on my bike!

Mommy and Daddy spent some time with not-quite-walking Brody.

He’s taking a couple of steps at a time, but just doesn’t seem to have the desire to do much more than that.

Part two of our trip to be continued later…