Just Mommy and Me

Story told by: Lainey

One bummer about living on the Palouse is that it’s a very transitional place, and we have close friends move away quite frequently. The positive about that, though, is that these friends give us some fun places to visit!

Mommy and I got to go on a girls-only trip to Montana to visit the Strickler family this weekend! Road trip!

It was a 5 1/2-hour drive, but we made it fun with stops for yummy food and stretch breaks.

We got there very late on Friday night, but we were up bright and early on Saturday because we don’t want to waste time sleeping. (Well, I didn’t anyways. Mommy seemed to think extra sleep might be nice, but too bad!) We got right to work on making Darcee’s famous chocolate chip cookies!

Licking the beaters with Oliver!

We had some fun time outside. We LOVED meeting Oliver’s little brother, Otis, for the first time (he’s five months old). He was sooo cute. I kept saying how much I loved his little fingers and short hair.

Oliver has some pretty cool bikes!

After naps we went to the lake near their house, and threw in about 6,000 rocks.

I also got some pretty big scratches and bruises scaling the hills by the lake, but no big deal, I’m tough (except it actually was kind of a big deal and I may have whined about my cuts for at least 24 hours).

We went to church with the Stricklers on Sunday morning, and then stayed for a yummy potluck afterwards. I didn’t want to leave Oliver and Otis, but I was also excited to see Daddy, Henry, and Brody. Mommy and I made the long drive back, and got home close to bed time. Mommy and I had so much fun getting to talk and play together. What a special weekend! Thank you to Sam, Darcee, Oliver, and Otis for hosting us. We love you guys!

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