Mother’s Day, 2016

Story told by: Mommy

I love the three munchkins who make me a mom! They fill my day with laughter, happiness, frustration, the desire to pull my hair out, messiness, dance parties, tickling matches, crying (mostly on their part), and the innocence thoughts of sweet children. I wouldn’t trade them for anything! After a chance to sleep in, breakfast in bed, and some nice presents, we stopped on our way to church to take a few pictures of me with these three munchkins.

We love the beautiful hills of the Palouse!

This is the only way I could get Henry to stay still for a picture.

Most of the pictures actually looked like this one. Taking pictures with three kids is no joke.

After church and naps, we spent the afternoon at a baseball game cheering on the Cougs.

But it really meant chasing the kids around.

I still wouldn’t trade these sweet kids for anything (but I sure look forward to being able to sit through a baseball game). Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers in our lives!

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