My First Birthday Party

Story told by: Brody

I turn one next week, but we celebrated my birthday today at the farm with friends!

I was dressed up as the cutest farmer in Colton!

I didn’t want to leave the hat on for very long, though.

I did enjoy playing peek-a-boo with Mommy, though.

Mommy transformed our backyard into a farm (a very yummy farm)!

The yummiest cows, horses, and pigs I’ve ever seen!

Mommy put my newborn to 11-month pictures on a white picket fence.

Lainey wore her cutest cowgirl outfit for the party!

We had some cute pigs in the pig pen.

When my guests arrived, the pigs started escaping, so we needed everyone’s help to get them back in the pen.

I even managed to wrestle a pig to the ground (and I bit him to make sure he knew that I meant business).

Shortly after we had the pigs back in the pen, we learned that the chickens had escaped last night and laid eggs everywhere. We had to go help pick up all of the eggs!

Some chickens even laid eggs on the leaves of the tree. Weird.

I decided to give an egg a taste test to determine its quality.

After collecting the eggs, it was time to eat! Everyone spread out their blankets and enjoyed the yummy food.

Kids could go on hay rides when finished with their dinner.

Shortly after this picture was taken, it started raining. A lot. So, everyone pitched in and either brought food/tables/blankets/chairs/presents into the garage or into the house. It was a team effort to take down the birthday party very quickly! Fortunately the rain stopped after being inside the house for less than ten minutes, so we brought cupcakes and presents back outside.

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.

Lainey and Mya helped me to blow out the candle.

Then I dug right in to my cupcake.

After I demolished my cupcake, Mommy found that a lot of cupcake crumbs had fallen down my overalls, so she simply turned me upside down and let everything fall out. Perfect.

Then it was time to open presents!

I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so Henry showed me the ropes of opening presents.

Lainey also got in on the action.

Perfect shirt!

While I loved all of my presents, my favorite presents was the Thomas toothbrush because of the chewability of its package.

Before our guests left, Mommy had a book for them to sign.

We also had yummy “thank you” treats from Brody’s Farm.

After all of our guests had left, I went on a hay ride with my siblings around the neighborhood.

I had such a great day, and I look forward to my official birthday next weekend!!

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