Home Group Olympics, 2016

Story told by: Lainey

It’s been three years since our last Home Group Olympics! Despite having to shuffle our plans around due to rain on Saturday, we had a successful Olympics yesterday!

Daddy set out our hula hoops to welcome the athletes.

Once the teams arrived, they got together to decide on their assigned events.

Olympic parade down to the park. Derrick is holding his team’s baton…they were The Cat Teasers. We also had Professional Power Plungers (with a plunger for a baton) and The Long-Necked Giraffes (with a giraffe noisemaker for a baton).

Procession into the park (with the Olympic music playing, of course).

Daddy started by meeting with the team captains to discuss the rules.

Answering final questions, and…Let the games begin!

The teams had to first blow up a balloon, and then…

…pop it between their backs.

Sharpshooter. You must throw five cheeto balls and get it to stick on your partner’s face (which is covered in shaving cream).


Iron Stomach. Eat a can of spam and drink prune juice from a baby bottle.

Crab walk.

Ready, Aim, Fire. Javelin throw with a pool noodle.

Picture Perfect. Put together a puzzle without the picture.

Andy came to cheer on Angela/yell at her to go faster.

Leap frog (often with help from the adults).

Jumping over Lana.

tebahpla Style. Dress up and say the alphabet backwards.

Henry spent lots of time on Daddy’s shoulders (mostly out of necessity to keep him from dismantling every activity).

Watch your step. The ground is lava. Move to and from the cone using only these two boards.

The toddlers went to work on the puzzles after this event was completed.

Jack and Jill. Use the water guns to fill up your team’s bucket.

Tripod. Three-legged race.

Tongue-Tied. Eat a fruit roll-up without using your hands.

Account Balance. Balance a penny on a spoon while racing around the cone.

Locomotion. This involved five members of each team, and each team member had to travel to and from the cone in a different way.

I ran as quick as lightning.

Allison chose to use her skills as a gymnast to travel down the field.

Two heads are better than one. With a balloon between your heads, travel to and from the cone with a partner.

Take a Deep Breath. Travel to and from the cone with a balloon between your legs (without using your hands).

Winter Games. Unwrap a frozen t-shirt and put it on. (Mommy and Daddy may have frozen these a little too much yet again. Oops.)

King Tut. Make a mummy out of toilet paper.

Wheelbarrow race.

Squeeze Me. Empty an entire tube of toothpaste into a cup.

Back-breaking work. Final event was to build a pyramid! The Professional Power Plungers were the winners!

Second place goes to The Cat Teasers!

And third place goes to our home group, The Long-Necked Giraffes!

After cleaning up and walking back to our house, we presented our team captains with their trophies. (A bronze cup, a silver bowling trophy, and a golden candle stick.)

The winning team also received gold medals.

No Home Group Olympics would be complete without a yummy BBQ!

We all spread out in our backyard to eat yummy food, play on our playground, and play yard games.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with our crazy games with a smile on your face. We had a blast!

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