Story told by: Lainey

We went on an adventure this afternoon to check out the Buffalo Eddy, Nez Perce National Historic Park on the Snake River. (We were supposed to take our naps in the car. Being the show-off perfect child that he is, Brody complied. I’m not big on taking naps these days, and Henry naturally fell asleep five minutes before we arrived.)

While Mommy put on our sunscreen we checked out our surroundings.

Okay, we’re ready to hit the trail!

But first, a family selfie. (Brody seems to really enjoy his position on Daddy’s back.)

We stopped to check out the signs along the way.

I loved running down the trail.

Henry loved attempting to throw himself (and some rocks) off the edge into the water.

We found our first petroglyph!

Learning about how the petroglyphs are thousands of years old. (Time doesn’t mean much to me, so I spent most of our hike trying to find the “really old people who drew those drawings.”)

Yet another great Robinson family photo.

It was really neat to see these drawings.

We climbed down the trail and the rocks to get near the water.

I decided to leave my mark on the area by writing my name in the sand.

I was a very strong climber!

Henry did a little bit of rock climbing…

…but he was most interested in playing in the sand/spreading sand in his hair/flinging sand into Mommy’s eyes.

He also wiped it all over his face. (Mommy’s favorite part was hearing him crunch the sand in between his teeth. Yum.)

Daddy, Brody, and I climbed way out to what we deemed the summit of the rocks. Go us!

After playing for quite awhile, we hiked back up to the top, and took the trail back to the car. On our way back I mentioned to Mommy that this was, “really boring because I didn’t get to meet the picture drawers.” Mommy said she was happy that she could set up such a fun afternoon for me.

Before starting our drive, we had some quick snacks.

Brody was happy to break free from the ergo!

Before we went home, Mommy and Daddy surprised us with one last stop — ice cream!

The ice cream shop made a mistake, and accidentally brought Daddy the biggest hot fudge sundae EVER!!

What?! There seems to be a bit of a size difference.

Brody happily ate Mommy’s water cup.

Henry really enjoyed his ice cream (and also seemed to enjoy covering himself, the tables, and the walls in ice cream as well).

Daddy did it! (We never had any doubt.) What a perfect end to a partially boring and partially fun day!

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