Easter Eggs Galore!

Story told by: Lainey

Pullman had its Easter Egg Hunt this morning!

Before heading down to the egg hunt, we first stopped by Mirabel’s house to drop off a few things. We’re ready to find some eggs!

Daddy and Henry stayed together to hunt in the two-year-old section.

After we dropped Henry and Daddy off, we walked down the hill to meet up with my friends in the four-year-old section.

From left to right…Evan, Mirabel, Lily, Lainey, Ivy, Daisy, and Kylie.

Aesy hung out with us while her Mommy took her little sister, Ellie, to join Henry in the two-year-old section.

Henry patiently waiting for the hunt to start.

And we’re off!

“Look, Daddy!”

It’s amazing how quickly the four-year-old field was cleared of eggs. Mommy says that when it comes to clean-up time at home, the house would be spotless if we pretended it was an egg hunt.

Henry didn’t mess around. He was in it to win it.

Aesy and I didn’t do too badly either.

Checking out the contents of our eggs with Daddy.

After the egg hunt, we went back to Mirabel’s house for our traditional post-egg-hunt brunch. Mommy made these yummy fruit kabobs for the brunch.

After brunch, I showed off my impressive soccer skills (which I wrote about here). Then we went home for naps for the boys, and quiet time for me.

After naps, it was time to dye Easter eggs. (I was very concerned that in order to dye eggs, they had to die by us throwing them in the trash can. Mommy did her best to explain to me that “dye” and “die” have different meanings.)

Henry had a hard time waiting for the eggs to come out of the dye.

Checking out the colors.

This was Henry’s face whenever Mommy pulled the newly colored egg out of the dye solution. He just couldn’t believe it!

After the eggs were colored, we had to wait for them to dry until we could do any further decorating. That took a lot of patience.

Right before bed, we got to add some stickers to the eggs.

Our finished eggs! On my egg on the top left, I chose the sticker with the cross so that I can remember Jesus tomorrow on Easter. (But shortly after that I also reminded Mommy that the Easter Bunny arrives in the morning.) Can’t wait for Easter!

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