Easter, 2016

Story told by: Brody

Today was my first Easter!

We woke up bright and early to find out that the Easter Bunny had come. (Apparently a rabbit carrying a ton of gifts breaks into our house, and then neatly displays them on our table for us. Yeah, that’s plausible.)

The Easter Bunny also delivered some books and bags of goodies from Illinois as well.

When Henry saw the table, he was stunned and couldn’t move. Lainey helped to direct him to his side of the table.

Lainey got Henry excited for his Spiderman Duplo kit.

Exploring my basket of goodies.

Henry was very excited about his new Elmo DVD.

Henry started yelling when he realized his Spiderman motorcycle wouldn’t fit through the tunnel. (That kid has got to learn to take a deep breath.) Thankfully Daddy came to the rescue to show him how to make it work.

The Easter Bunny brought some new dresses for Lainey’s doll.

Daddy made us some fun pancakes for breakfast!

Time for some sibling shots before we head off to church.


And family shots. (I clearly had much better things to do than look at the camera.)



Moments after this picture, Henry fell down the stairs and into a puddle. As we say in our family, it’s just Henry being Henry.

After this, we spent the morning at church celebrating that Jesus is risen! Jesus has overcome and the grave is overwhelmed. Praise God!

After church and naps, we went to Willa and Royal’s house for a delicious Easter dinner with friends. After dinner, we went outside for a very cold and windy egg hunt.

I’m not quite old enough to participate, but I cheered on the big kids while they searched for eggs.

A picture of the kids…Willa, Royal, Lainey, Henry, Brody, and Mya.

Such a fun Easter day with weather ranging from sunshine to rain to hail. It sure kept us on our toes!

Easter Eggs Galore!

Story told by: Lainey

Pullman had its Easter Egg Hunt this morning!

Before heading down to the egg hunt, we first stopped by Mirabel’s house to drop off a few things. We’re ready to find some eggs!

Daddy and Henry stayed together to hunt in the two-year-old section.

After we dropped Henry and Daddy off, we walked down the hill to meet up with my friends in the four-year-old section.

From left to right…Evan, Mirabel, Lily, Lainey, Ivy, Daisy, and Kylie.

Aesy hung out with us while her Mommy took her little sister, Ellie, to join Henry in the two-year-old section.

Henry patiently waiting for the hunt to start.

And we’re off!

“Look, Daddy!”

It’s amazing how quickly the four-year-old field was cleared of eggs. Mommy says that when it comes to clean-up time at home, the house would be spotless if we pretended it was an egg hunt.

Henry didn’t mess around. He was in it to win it.

Aesy and I didn’t do too badly either.

Checking out the contents of our eggs with Daddy.

After the egg hunt, we went back to Mirabel’s house for our traditional post-egg-hunt brunch. Mommy made these yummy fruit kabobs for the brunch.

After brunch, I showed off my impressive soccer skills (which I wrote about here). Then we went home for naps for the boys, and quiet time for me.

After naps, it was time to dye Easter eggs. (I was very concerned that in order to dye eggs, they had to die by us throwing them in the trash can. Mommy did her best to explain to me that “dye” and “die” have different meanings.)

Henry had a hard time waiting for the eggs to come out of the dye.

Checking out the colors.

This was Henry’s face whenever Mommy pulled the newly colored egg out of the dye solution. He just couldn’t believe it!

After the eggs were colored, we had to wait for them to dry until we could do any further decorating. That took a lot of patience.

Right before bed, we got to add some stickers to the eggs.

Our finished eggs! On my egg on the top left, I chose the sticker with the cross so that I can remember Jesus tomorrow on Easter. (But shortly after that I also reminded Mommy that the Easter Bunny arrives in the morning.) Can’t wait for Easter!


Story told by: Lainey

Even though I enjoyed the egg hunt this morning, what I was most looking forward to was SOCCER!! I’ve been counting down the days!

I’ve had my soccer outfit chosen for days.

Evan and I are on the same team!

Mirabel is on my team as well. We tried to get a picture together before leaving her house, but Mirabel requested that she be in the background. Whatever floats your boat.

Evan and I played around with the soccer ball for a few minutes before practice started.

We started with some stretches in the middle of the field.

Dribbling the ball down the field.

Mommy took a video of us playing “Red Light, Green Light (and Yellow Light)” with the soccer balls. I’m in the middle of the line of kids, wearing a red sweatshirt.

I LOVED my first week of soccer, and I’m already asking about next Saturday. Can’t wait! (And thanks to Na Na and Ba Ba who gave me these soccer classes as one of my Christmas presents. It’s perfect!)

Grandma’s Spring Trip

Story told by: Lainey

Grandma had to fly home yesterday. We had such a wonderful visit with her! Here are some pictures of our fun together…



Henry came running out of the bath like the crazy kid that he is, and then slipped on the floor. Grandma came to the rescue.



We went to Bonkerz one morning.



Grandma and Henry played hide-and-seek. He always picked the trickiest hiding spots.


Grandma helped to repair my Elsa dress. It’s Henry’s favorite dress to wear, and it’s been partially destroyed.


Grandma got to come to my dance class and watch me dance.


We made birthday cupcakes.

We went to story time at the library together.

Brody kept Grandma busy by getting into everything.

We love these chunky thighs!

I opened my birthday present from Gma and Gpa, and it was a new doll! I LOVE it! I’ve been telling Henry that it’s a four-year-old doll, which means that two-year-olds can’t play with it.

Mommy gave us matching hair styles one morning.

It was rainy and cold for most of Grandma’s visit, but we had a few breaks to get outside.

We love visiting the animals at the vet.

Grandma got us several activities to entertain us on those rainy afternoons. These are some kinetic sand kits.

I’ve been really enjoying figuring out the beginning sounds/letters in words, so Grandma helped me to make name cards for the members of my family.

Grandma was here to celebrate Mommy’s birthday. On the night before her birthday, Mommy hosted a Bunco party at our house with some of her wonderful friends.

Jamie models the Bunco hat.

On the morning of her birthday, Grandma watched us while Mommy and Daddy went for a breakfast date!

We read “Green Eggs and Ham” with Grandma.

And for a special birthday lunch for Mommy, Grandma made green eggs and ham!

Mommy ended her birthday night by hosting a viewing party for the finale of “The Bachelor.” Mommy LOVES this show, and was very honored that abc chose to have the finale on her birthday. Such a fun birthday!

Before we left Pullman to drive to the Spokane airport, Grandma snuck in one more sugary treat for us at Starbucks. Thanks for a great visit Grandma! Can’t wait to go camping with you and Grandpa at the end of May!!!

Drive-In Movie Theater

Story told by: Lainey

I had my fourth birthday party with friends today, and it was a drive-in movie theater party! We delivered boxes to each of my friends beforehand so they could bring a car with them for the movie.

Grandma and I worked hard on my car over the past few days. I chose a cupcake theme for my car.


On my actual birthday a few days ago, we learned that Henry gets very frustrated (i.e. raging) while I’m opening presents because he doesn’t understand why he can’t open my presents. We decided that no one needed to see Henry’s super awesome temper tantrum, so we chose to open presents at the beginning of the party when we were sure that Henry would be napping.





We ate “popcorn” cupcakes next!

Mommy used yellow and white marshmallows to make the popcorn.


My friends sang “Happy Birthday” to me. All of that attention made me a little shy.



Time to dig in to the cupcakes!





A group shot before we head down to the drive-in!


We went downstairs, and Grandma helped us load up our plates with some yummy movie food!



Then we all settled in to our cars for the movie! (Since I’m the birthday girl, I got to choose my spot. Mommy and Daddy thought I might like to be in the front, but I wanted to be right in the middle surrounded by my friends.)


We watched the movie “Peanuts,” which was a big hit with my friends!





Joseph’s Mommy said he really wanted a hood, which made his movie watching a little difficult, but he made it work!


Mommy especially loved this party! We got a little wiggly towards the end of the movie, but we stayed in our cars for the entire movie (90 minutes). Amazing!!


After the movie was over, I had a dance party with my friends. I absolutely loved this party, and I love my friends!

My Fourth Birthday

Story told by: Lainey

My birthday is here! It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! I’ve been talking about this day for at least three months, and it’s finally arrived!

Mommy and Daddy woke me up with a fun birthday song!

I started out with one special present, and I get to open the rest later. I’ve been asking for an Ariel suit (Ariel costume), and I’m convinced I’ll get it. So when I opened my present this morning, I was sure that was what I was getting. Apparently not.

**Video set to the lovely music of Henry’s temper tantrum in the background.**

I requested eggs and sausage for my birthday breakfast!

Ready to go to preschool in my special birthday dress!

I got a special hat for my morning at preschool!

Since it was beautiful weather today, we got to enjoy my birthday cupcakes outside!

After preschool we decided to follow our cupcake dessert up with an ice cream dessert at Ferdinand’s. I was excited to get my free birthday scoop!

Henry picked out huckleberry.


Henry wasn’t thrilled that his ice cream was gone.

After going home for naps (which I didn’t partake in because there was WAY too much celebrating to be done), we met Daddy for dinner at McDonald’s. When given the choice of any restaurant in Pullman for my birthday dinner, this was my #1 choice!

After playing at the play place, it was time to come home for cupcakes and presents!

Strawberry cupcakes! Yum!

Time for presents!! Yes!

A planet floor puzzle!

The new Peanuts movie?! And this is the movie my friends and I get to watch for my birthday party on Saturday?!? Amazing.

A veterinarian kit!

A mermaid blanket from Grandma and Grandpa!

A new tutu! Mommy and Daddy know me very well.

Elsa is the perfect match to the Anna doll I already own!

You’ll never believe what was in my last present!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s perfect! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Showing Grandpa (on FaceTime) my outfit!

What a perfect end to a great birthday! I went to bed snuggled up in my new mermaid blanket. I love being four!

Preschool Art Show

Story told by: Lainey

I had my preschool art show tonight!

Hours before the art show, we picked up Grandma at the airport. I’m thrilled she could be here!

We started by checking out all of the art!

My self-portrait with my hair piled on top.

We got to choose the titles of our pieces of art.

We ended the night with yummy food and good company. Loved showing off my art!