Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

Story told by: Henry

Today was my second birthday!

It started with my favorite breakfast of eggs and turkey sausage!

I had lots of silly faces for Mommy.

The fork was slowing me down, so I opted for the shove-it-in method.

After breakfast, I got in some early-morning coloring.

I was very excited to get to wear my train shirt again.

We went to the doctor to get my two-year checkup, and after that, Mommy got a coffee while I got a sucker. Yum!

We were too early to pick Lainey up from preschool, so Mommy told me that we could park in the preschool parking lot and go on a walk until it was time to get Lainey. Brody fell asleep in the car on the way there, though, and since he isn’t napping for much longer than 20 or 30 minutes at home, Mommy didn’t want to wake him up. So instead, we let Brody sleep in the car, while Mommy and I ran all over the parking lot.

I had my favorite meal for dinner – pizza!

Then it was time for cupcakes. I’ve been waiting for this all day!

And then I dug into my cupcake in the best way possible.

Time for presents! I didn’t need any help remembering how to open them.

Then Lainey had a very special present for me, and she couldn’t wait for me to open it!

She bought me a book with her AWANA bucks at the AWANA store in December. It was all her idea. Thank you so much, Lainey!

T-Ball set from Grandma and Grandpa!

More superhero books!

Then I opened my present from Gma and Gpa. A TRAIN!!!

I tried to immediately tear into it, but Daddy said we’d have to wait until this weekend when we could put it together. Thanks Gma and Gpa! I love it!

Then Daddy brought up my final gift! A truck from Grandma and Grandpa (that Daddy spent 2 1/2 hours putting together last night)!

I love it!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

I spent the rest of the evening playing with my new toys.

And then just in case anyone had any doubt as to my age, I threw an epic temper tantrum to end the night.

I’m officially two years old! Happy Birthday to me!

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