Valentine’s Day Celebration

Story told by: Lainey

We’re going to be spending some time with Na Na and Ba Ba next weekend (I can’t wait!), so we had our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner tonight.

Mommy made her heart-shaped meatloaf.

She also added in pink mashed potatoes and corn. (Of course I didn’t want to eat a single bite of it, but it sure looked neat.)

The decorated table!

Time to eat!

While Mommy was making her Shirley Temple, she spilled a little cherry juice on the table cloth. I was quite disturbed by this, and nicely told Mommy that she had ruined the Valentine’s Day dinner.

After a moment of pouting, Mommy assured me that the party could still go on.

After patiently waiting for everyone to finish eating, it was finally time to open presents!

Henry was really excited about his Sesame Street magazine.

And a magic Thomas the Train marker book.

I was happy to get a Contigo water bottle just like Henry’s water bottle!

We also opened treats from Grandma, Grandpa, Gma, and Gpa. We have some great candy-eating days in our future!

Some fun gummies from Grandma and Grandpa!

Daddy got some Rwandan coffee from Mommy. He can’t wait to try it!

Next it was Brody’s turn to open his present.

He was mostly interested in eating it, though.

Brody got two new bibs, which he also wanted to eat. At least he put them right to use!

Before it was bedtime, Henry and I got to have a few pieces of candy, and play with some new toys. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone!

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