Ice Skating with Daddy

Story told by: Lainey

While the boys took naps, Daddy and I went on a date to go ice skating! I’ve been asking to do this for months, so I was giddy with excitement all morning. Before we left, I was showing Mommy and Daddy the numerous tricks I would perform. I mentioned that I would look similar to Frozen on Ice.

Waiting in line for my skates.

Learning to walk with my skates. This might be a little trickier than I thought.

On the ice!

I fell right away, but I got back up and kept trying.

Daddy encouraged me to use this skating assistant, but I REALLY didn’t want to use it. I have big dreams and I can’t be encumbered by such a device.

On my own!

I had a bit of a wet bottom after this was all over, but…

…I was still all smiles!

Daddy often caught me trying to do small jumps and spins. He suggested that I may want to get the basics of skating down before attempting those moves, but I disagreed.

Such a special date with such a special daddy.

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