Doughnuts and Goose Poop

Story told by: Henry

Mommy surprised us this morning with a trip to the doughnut shop! What a treat!

Upon arriving, we carefully perused the doughnut case.

Both Lainey and I chose the chocolate sprinkle doughnut.

I dug in as soon as I sat down.

So yummy!

Lainey made sure to eat the frosting first (which she said is the “most delicious”).

Brody didn’t get his own doughnut, but Lainey was very generous and shared a few small bites of her doughnut with him.

You know it’s been a good doughnut experience when you have frosting on your forehead.

Then since the sun was shining (and it was a warm 42 degrees), we went for a walk along the river!

This little guy is sure a trooper! Over the weekend he was diagnosed with a double ear infection, as well as a lung infection. He still managed to be pretty easygoing all morning.

Turns out the geese and ducks also loved this warm weather. There was goose poop everywhere.

That’s perfect because the poop helped to cushion my blow during the 1,050 falls I took on our walk.

We found the playground. There were puddles everywhere from the recent rain, but ain’t no puddles gonna stop us!

It was really refreshing to get outside after being cooped up with cold temperatures the last couple of weeks!

These pants are supposed to be a light gray, but puddles and goose poop will definitely make them darker. After playing on the playground, we walked back to our car. Mommy found that EVERYTHING had been covered in goose poop (including her shirt and pants). Lainey and I went home half naked. As soon as we got home, Mommy threw everything in the wash. Goose poop aside (which I actually didn’t even mind), it was a great morning!

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