Dates, Dinner, and Diseases

Story told by: Lainey

We’ve had a busy start to 2016!

Mommy and I got to go on a special date last weekend. We started with some shopping for dress shirts for Daddy.

Then we had a fun lunch together where we didn’t have to worry about the boys eating the crayons, throwing the crayons, or dipping crayons in milk.

After we ran a couple more errands, we ended our date with a trip to Starbucks. I loved my hot chocolate.

I also got a huge slice of lemon pound cake all to myself. Amazing! While eating this cake, I asked Mommy if we could visit all of the other coffee shops in the area to eat their food (a girl’s gotta try, right?). Mommy said that we might have to save those visits for another day.

While we finished our drinks, Mommy and I took some silly pictures.

As we were heading home, I told Mommy how much I loved our date. Mommy wholeheartedly agreed.

Right before our date, Mommy took Brody to the doctor, and unfortunately he has another ear infection. While we went on our date, Daddy took the boys to the store to get antibiotics for Brody. He was feeling so crummy that he fell asleep sitting up in the cart. Poor guy.

After a few days of medicine, it appears that Brody is starting to feel better!

While Brody started feeling better, I got a stomach bug and spent most of the day throwing up. Fortunately it was just a 24-hour bug and I was ready to eat a big breakfast the next morning!

Our favorite game that we love playing right now is “Train.” We sneak up on Brody, and play “Train” whether he wants to join or not. Fortunately he’s a pretty good sport about it!

We’ve been putting our Christmas presents to good use! Santa brought us some snow paint in our stockings, so we got outside to enjoy that one morning!

We’ve also been enjoying our new Play-Doh kits.

Henry got a package of cookies for Christmas from Na Na, so those definitely rank high on the list of favorite Christmas presents.

Pure cookie joy.

Aunt Elisa and Uncle Matt sent me a cookbook for kids! I chose to make enchiladas last night.

After we got out the ingredients, I smelled the cheese to make sure it was up to my standards. (Some people might choose to remove the packaging before the sniff test, but I ain’t got no time for that.)

I measured out one cup of sour cream.

Then I mixed it with the salsa.

Next we dipped the tortillas in the salsa and sour cream mixture.

After adding shredded chicken to the middle, I tried to roll it up. This part was a little tricky, so Mommy provided some assistance.

We repeated this process until all of the enchiladas were made.

Then I sprinkled cheese on the top.

Ready to go in the oven!

And after 15 minutes, voila! My first dinner I’ve ever made! (**Note to self…turns out I don’t like enchiladas. I’ll need to be more careful next time with what I choose to make. On a positive note, though, Mommy and Daddy LOVED them!)

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