In-House Entertainment Has Arrived!

Story told by: Lainey

Na Na and Ba Ba arrived last night! We got right to work on playing “Baby Jesus and Mary.”

Pregnant and trying to find a room to stay in.

Loving on baby Jesus. (He was born in one second, and I didn’t break a sweat. I’m great at having babies.)

Henry wanted a head covering as well.

After we went to bed, Mommy and Ba Ba bonded over their deep love for puzzles! (Ba Ba has his “puzzled” look on his face.)

We went out sledding quite early this morning.

Na Na was my sledding partner. The snow plow had just put gravel on the hill, so we didn’t go as fast as we wanted to, but it was still fun.

Mommy and Brody hung out at the bottom of the hill.

Daddy and Henry went sledding together. Henry didn’t express how much he loved it, but he kept asking to do it again, so that’s a good sign!

Ba Ba and I conquered the snow mound by the school.

Then Daddy helped Henry and I test out the small hill in the school field.

Daddy was tired after all of that running, so he asked for a break on the way home. It slowed down our walk home quite a bit.

After naps it was time to decorate the cookies that we had baked yesterday!

I was big enough to do the sprinkles on my own.

Brody came over for a bit to decorate his first sugar cookie!

If only he could eat this cookie….. Sorry buddy! Next year!

There’s a cookie under there somewhere.

Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Jaron arrived from Saipan around lunch time today (they traveled for over 40 hours to get to Washington).

I convinced her to eat her cookie (instead of saving it). I think she was pretty happy with her choice. Yum!

Some of the finished product!

Henry’s reaction to being done with cookie decorating.

In less than 24 hours, this 1000-piece puzzle has been completed. Well done!

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