Cougar Basketball Game with Home Group

Story told by: Lainey

We went to cheer on the Cougs with our home group this afternoon!

It also happened to be Brody’s first basketball game!

Working on learning the fight song.

All smiles because the Cougs were winning!

When Henry got antsy, he went to hang out with Andy who did a great job of entertaining that busy kid!

Michelle also took on a crew of kids (and kept me happy with endless m&m’s).

Marcus and Mandy were there, and boy are we glad they came. This was Mandy’s second Cougar event EVER. What?! She clearly needs a lot more of the Robinson family influence in her life.

The whole gang! (We’re missing some members of our home group. Wish everyone could have been there!)

Mommy was trying to rock Brody to sleep, but the cheerleaders had something else in mind. When he was almost asleep, it was time for the t-shirt toss, and the cheerleaders threw one way up into the stands and hit Brody on the back. Poor guy fussed a little, but got over it when he realized that he got a great shirt!

Two girls, cowboy boots, and Cougar clothes. Doesn’t get much better than this!

A cardboard Butch is A-okay in my book! The Cougs ended up winning, so it was a great night. After the game we went to dinner with our group, and then headed home for bed. (The night officially finished with an epic meltdown on my part, but we’ll skim right over that….)

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