‘Tis the Season

Story told by: Lainey

We love this time of year because of all of the family activities we get to enjoy! We recently tried two new-to-us activities. On Friday night we went to the drive-through nativity at Living Faith Fellowship in Pullman.

It was packed when we got there, so we had a little bit of a wait.

Since the cars inch along through the nativity in a parking lot, we were THRILLED to be out of our car seats and in the front with Mommy and Daddy!

Brody sat with Daddy and helped to navigate through the display.

Before we started driving, a man came around to tell us that we would be starting our journey to see baby Jesus. He gave us two presents to give to baby Jesus to celebrate his birth!

Along our journey we ran into weary travelers who were resting. They told us that they would catch up with us as we drove to Bethlehem.

We had some wood workers explain to us that they were very busy because of the census traffic passing through, but that we could check back with them in a week or two for some high-quality furniture.

Guards were there to take our golden token before we entered the gates to Bethlehem. (Fortunately we were given a golden token at the same time we were given our presents.)

After traveling by a busy market, shepherds with their sheep, a busy bakery, and inn keepers who were out of room, we came upon baby Jesus! What a great event that told the wonderful story of baby Jesus!

On Saturday morning we headed to Concordia Lutheran Church for their Candy Cane Hunt! We started with crafts, and Henry and I decorated a bag to hold our candy canes.

Mrs. O’Loughlin (a teacher from one of the other preschool classes) helped me with a candy cane craft.

After crafts, it was time to find some candy canes!

Here is Henry’s sole candy cane that he found. After picking this one up, he didn’t want to get any more because he didn’t like touching the snow (yet he refuses to wear gloves….go figure).

Aesy was my candy cane hunting buddy.

It was so fun to have Aesy and Ellie join us!

After the hunt, we went inside to count our candy canes. I got two candy canes, but the red and white one was an extra special plastic candy cane (of which there were only 12).

I got to turn the plastic candy cane in for a prize, and I picked this beautiful Christmas tree ornament!

After the prizes were awarded, we enjoyed some yummy cookies. I gobbled two down right away.

And, like usual, Henry savored his cookie with teeny, tiny bites. What a goof!

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