Puffy Paint Snowman

Story told by: Henry

Even though it’s raining outside this morning, we made it snow inside this morning with some glittery, peppermint-scented puffy paint!

We started out by making the body of our snowmen. (I needed a little assistance from Mommy, but then I added my creative touches.)


Uh oh.

While we let our snowmen dry, Mommy showed us how to make snowflakes with our paint.

At first Lainey was frustrated that her snowflake didn’t look like Mommy’s example, but then Lainey remembered that no two snowflakes are the same, so it’s okay to have unique snowflakes!

Hmmmm, that looks mighty delicious.

Okay, calm down Mom. I’m not going to eat it.

After our snowmen had dried a bit, we added all of the accessories.

Mommy helped with the mouth on my snowman.

Then I sprinkled on some colored dots wherever I saw fit.

Lainey is very proud of the feet on her snowman!

And I especially love my green scarf! (Also, do you notice my painted fingernail? While Lainey had her fingernails painted this morning, I requested that one of mine be painted as well. Isn’t it beautiful?)

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