Santa and Santa Butch, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

Mommy and Daddy decided they weren’t going to take us to see Santa this year because the past years haven’t been very successful (i.e. I screamed and screamed and screamed). However, I insisted that we go this year. I told them that I would be very brave because Santa NEEDED to know what I wanted for Christmas.

So, we went.

We started by eating some delicious cookies. It was a good time for me to get control of my nerves.

Then we went to wait in line. I saw Mirabel who helped to distract me from getting too nervous.

We started by letting Brody sit with Santa Butch. I’ll be brave about Santa, but let’s not get carried away…no way am I going to talk to Butch. (And Henry was desperately clinging to Daddy and saying, “No, no, no.” We didn’t push it with him.)

After Brody was done, I went to talk to Santa. I made sure that Mommy and Daddy stood in a line behind me to protect me from Santa Butch (who knows what that guy will do while I’m not looking). I also told Mommy that I wasn’t going to sit in Santa’s lap, but that I would stand while talking to him. I very bravely told Santa that my number one wish for Christmas is an Anna doll and a matching Anna dress. He said that he thought he could make that happen. Yes!!!

I agreed to take a picture with Santa and Brody, but I still needed to keep my distance. Maybe next year I’ll join Brody on Santa’s lap!

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