Lewiston Lights, 2015

Story told by: Henry

We had a fun time last night visiting the lights in Lewiston, Idaho!

I went to this display last year, but this is the first year I could truly appreciate everything.


We tried for a group picture, but I couldn’t stop looking at all of the amazing lights.


Uncle Jeff and Lainey walked together through most of the display.


It was really fun to have Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Jeff join us this year!

This cute guy hung out with Daddy most of the night. I don’t think he was thrilled by being out in the cold, but he’ll have more fun with it next year!


Family shot. (Lainey was a bit of a show-off with her perfect smile.)


When Lainey wasn’t with Uncle Jeff, she was with me. That’s a tricky feat considering that I ran throughout the display 90% of the time.


In order to keep me from going too far, she was watching out for me by holding on to my hood. (I didn’t like this at the time, but looking back I can see that she’s just being a good big sister.)


Kid picture at the gingerbread men. This was our best shot. Mommy imagines that it will be a a few years (or maybe ten or twenty years) before we can get a decent picture with all three of us.


We gave them about ten seconds for a picture before I took off running (see my arm in the picture?), Lainey started climbing through the middle of the gingerbread man, and Brody started crying.




This video perfectly captures how crazy I was throughout the park.


Lainey asked Uncle Jeff to go with her in the igloo. They make some awesome silly faces!

As is our tradition, we headed for pizza at Fazzari’s after the lights.

We entertained ourselves before the pizza arrived. Once it arrived, though, there aren’t any pictures because we were way too busy eating the best pizza ever! What a fun night! Another Christmas tradition in the books.

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