A Night on the Polar Express

Story told by: Lainey

Elf had quite a surprise for us when we woke up this morning!

He planned a fun evening on The Polar Express for us (complete with new PJs)!

After waiting all day for our special evening, it finally arrived! Our first event was a Polar Express/winter-themed dinner.

Every good Polar Express dinner has to have a train (and a celery track).

We also had snowballs and snowmen. The perfect winter scene!

We enjoyed some delicious snow milk with our dinner. We shivered through our entire meal because it was soooooo cold.

These were the best snowballs we’ve ever had!

After dinner we got in our matching PJs (or p-berries as I like to call them).

On our way to the train, we had our ticket punched by Grandpa the conductor.

He gave me an “L” on my ticket.

Henry got an “H” on his ticket.

Grandpa tried to do a “B” for Brody, but obviously needs some practice. Oh well, two out of three isn’t bad.

We sat down and the conductor came around to check our tickets.

Time for the movie! Henry and I held tight to our tickets.

When the movie got to the part where waiters come into the train to serve refreshments, we paused the movie to get our own treats. We got some delicious hot chocolate!

We also had snowflakes and peppermint chocolate cookies. A perfect winter treat!

Sometime during the movie, Henry moved over to my chair.

And we ended the movie on Grandma’s lap. We had a great trip on the Polar Express. Choo choo!

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