Carving Pumpkins, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

We got to carve pumpkins last night!

Daddy started out by opening up the pumpkins.

We took turns looking inside the pumpkins, and this was the face Henry made when he saw the pumpkin guts.

I got right to working on helping to get the seeds out of the pumpkin.

And Henry got right to work on eating the guts of the pumpkin. So gross, Henry.

Intently working on cleaning my pumpkin. It has to be perfect.

Sometimes I make the greatest faces.

Henry spent time taking the seeds out of the bowl and putting them back into the pumpkins. Real helpful.

Then he explored the guts with his cars.

Daddy was almost finished cleaning out this pumpkin, so we thought climbing on him would help speed up the process.

I had a very clear vision of exactly what I wanted to do with my pumpkin. I found the pacifier, and I drew the eyes and the nose (and Daddy did the carving for me).

My pumpkin was finished first, so while Mommy and Daddy finished the other pumpkins, I took care of my baby pumpkin by walking it all over the house and wrapping it in a blanket.

After we were finished, we got to take our completed creations outside.

Henry requested an Elmo pumpkin, so Mommy did her best to make it work. Unfortunately the nose fell apart, but Mommy was able to do some repair with toothpicks.

My baby pumpkin.

Mommy’s and Daddy’s pumpkins (Daddy put the Switchfoot symbol on his pumpkin).

Brody couldn’t articulate exactly what he wanted on his pumpkin, so Daddy put the letter “B” on Brody’s pumpkin.

Only a few more days until Halloween. We can’t wait!

One Reply to “Carving Pumpkins, 2015”

  1. I did 2 pumpkins for my great granddaughter, Parker. They would go real well with Elmo. One pumpkin is Bert and the other is Ernie. Love checking in on your pictures every week.


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