Hodge Podge

Story told by: Lainey

Just a hodge podge of pictures I wanted to share…

While I was in preschool one morning last week, Mommy, Henry, and Brody went for a walk. Henry ran around like the crazy kid that he is.

And Mommy strolled behind with coffee and Brody. Everyone was happy.

Mommy and I wore matching scarves that same day. We are awfully cute!

While Mommy made dinner one evening, Henry and I colored the empty diaper box.

Henry left after only a few minutes of coloring, but I finish what I start.

All done!

Home Depot trip while in Tacoma this past weekend!

We love cuddling with Daddy after naps.

And Brody and Ba Ba cuddled after their naps (while also watching football).

I excitedly pointed out to Na Na that we had matching boots to wear to church. I just couldn’t believe it!

Na Na has a Mr. Potato Head with which we love playing. I insisted Mommy put on the mustache and take a picture. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Our trips to Tacoma sure seem to wear Mommy and Daddy out, so they claim that they need lots of  coffee. (I think my non-stop talking is energizing, but they seem to disagree.)

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