Brody’s Baptism

Story told by: Brody

We went to Tacoma this past weekend so I could get baptized at Na Na and Ba Ba’s church! What a special morning! (Lainey and Henry were baptized at a much younger age, but better late than never, right?)

Mommy bought a special outfit for my baptism.

I felt pretty darn cute!

Lainey and Henry were there to support me (and wrinkle my clothes with lots of hugs).


Ba Ba took pictures of us when it was time to go up to the front of church. Pastor Rich gave a little speech before my baptism.


The lighting wasn’t great, so most of the pictures are blurry, but here is Pastor Rich attempting to hold my giant self with one hand while baptizing me with the other hand. It was a challenge, but he made it happen. I’m so grateful for this symbol of membership in God’s family!

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