Pumpkins, Parties, and Pee-Pee in the Potty!

Story told by: Lainey

We love the fall! (Mommy says October is one of her absolute favorite months!)

We went to pick out some pumpkins one morning at Sunshine Crafts and Flowers in Pullman.

We had to spend some quality time on the tractor first, though.

Then we got to work on picking out the best pumpkins.

Since Brody is just the sweetest little guy around, he happily hung out with Daddy.

We love living on the Palouse! We sure are lucky to have this scenery!

Stella recently had her fourth birthday party. It was a princess party, which was the BEST. IDEA. EVER.

I didn’t want to steal the spotlight by dressing up the same as Stella, but her mommy said that Stella loves matching with her friends. And, anyways, you can never have too many Elsas!

Dance class has been going again for about a month now. As always, I love it! Ivy is the only girl that was in class with me last year, but I am lucky enough to have lots of friends in there with me (like Hazel, Nikki, CeCe, and Mirabel (who isn’t in the picture)). There’s also a couple of new girls in the class who I am getting to know, and really enjoying them!

We’re staying plenty busy in and around the house. We love walking to the park to watch the trucks go by. We got five trucks in a row to honk at us. That’s a new record!

Even if we’re just staying in the house, it’s important that we always look our best. Brody sure looked glamorous with this beautiful headband.

And not to be outdone by Brody, I had to wear my beautiful headband as well.

Henry is as mischievous as ever! While Mommy had a phone conversation that last less than three minutes, Henry got into the K-Cups and spread grounds all over the floor.

Hasn’t Mommy learned yet that you don’t take your eyes off of this kid?

I’m pretty sure Henry is trying to redeem himself, though, because he went to the bathroom on the potty a couple of days ago! Mommy is not even close to ready for this, but she’ll do her very best to encourage this amidst the chaos.

Mommy had some friends over for a Bunco party one night! They all had so much fun! (I really wanted to join, but since I had to go to bed, I settled for helping set out snacks and dice beforehand.)

Mommy caught a picture of me with Hazel and her little brother, Walter, on our way in to church on Sunday morning. We have some amazing families in our lives!

Speaking of amazing families…the Stricklers came to stay with us for the weekend. We had a blast with Oliver!

While we played at home with Oliver and Lane, the adults all went to the football game against Oregon State. (In case you missed Darcee’s beautiful belly, she is due with another little boy in just a few weeks!)

Cougs win! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

Darcee made some amazing owl hats for us! We tried to get some pictures, but we just couldn’t stay away from our cute, little brother.

Finally got a decent shot. Thank you for the great hats Darcee! You’re the best!

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