My First Time at the Dentist

Story told by: Henry

I had my first dentist appointment today. When I was called back to the exam room, I took one look at the chair and adamantly shook my head. Mommy sat with me, which made things a tiny bit better.

Mommy tried to get me to smile. I wouldn’t do it.

The hygienist gave me her mirror, and tried to get me to brush the teeth of a stuffed animal, but I wouldn’t do it. And I still wouldn’t smile.

So, this has been a real hoot, but I’m done. I made it approximately two minutes before I started giving the sign of “all done.”

Unfortunately I had to stick around a little longer than I would have preferred in order to let Dr. Fisher peek into my mouth.

Who is this guy, and what is he trying to do to me?

Even though I wasn’t thrilled by this, I surprised myself by not screaming and letting him look in my mouth for about 30 seconds. Although Dr. Fisher seems like a decent guy, I’d be okay if we didn’t have a play date like this for quite awhile.

Meanwhile, Lainey was a big showoff and rocked her appointment!

Lainey needed to get an x-ray done to look at one of her front teeth that has been turning a light shade of gray.

Angel (the hygienist) said that Lainey did amazing! Angel was impressed that a three-year-old would let her do everything involved with a typical cleaning.

After Dr. Fisher was finished with me, he went to check on Lainey. He said that the gray tooth is very common in kids, and can occur after a fall. Since Lainey doesn’t stop dancing in slippery socks on our wood floor, there are lots of falls. And since I climb every single thing, I’m sure some gray teeth are in my future as well! (Unless the gray tooth gets too sensitive, Lainey will just wait for it to fall out on its own.)

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