Daddy-Daughter Disney Date Night

Story told by: Lainey

Daddy and I went on a date tonight to the WSU volleyball game for Daddy-Daughter Disney Date Night!

I’ve been so excited about this all day. As it got closer to Daddy coming home, I put on my fancy Elsa dress and waited for Daddy to arrive.

He’s here!

Daddy wore his fanciest clothes (and he even let me pick out his tie). Ready to go with my prince charming!

When Daddy and I walked in, ALL of the princesses were there. I mean every. single. princess. was lined up waiting to talk to me. This caught me a little too off guard, though. (I mean, come on! I need to be better prepared for this amount of amazingness.) So, while I wasn’t ready to get a picture with all of the princesses, I was willing to take a picture with my twin for the evening.

It was so fun to see you, Elsa! Thanks for coming to cheer on the Cougs!

A fun part of Daddy-Daughter Disney Date Night is that our tickets also came with two cupcakes and a princess tiara that lights up. This is my kind of date!

Enjoying my yummy cupcake with frosting so dark that it could stain my dress with even the slightest drop. Great color choice WSU!

We spent the first two games in the lower section. Butch was everywhere. I didn’t have time for pictures because I needed to make sure he was far away from us at all times.

I was able to force a smile, but only for a second. Then it was back to huddling on Daddy’s lap and watching for Butch.

After the second game we moved up to the balcony, and since there was no Butch up there, it meant I was free of my Butch-watching duties!

I loved munching on some popcorn!

Daddy did a great job of explaining volleyball to me!

Modeling my new tiara! The Cougs played some really good games, but unfortunately lost the match. I still had a wonderful time, and kept thanking Daddy for a great night on our way home. I’m such a lucky girl to have such a great daddy!

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