Rader Family Farms

Story told by: Lainey

We spent a fun morning with Grandma and Grandpa at the amazing Rader Family Farms.

When we first arrived, we tested out the Rat Race activity.

Henry didn’t love it, but he gave it a try.

Mommy and Grandma raced each other.

Then Grandpa and Daddy raced each other. Grandpa had a few difficulties.

We enjoyed climbing up the hay bales for a family picture.

The Robinsons climbed all of the way to the top (and Henry demonstrated his incessant need to pull my hair).

Henry relaxed while his chauffeur drove him around.

We found some duck racing that used water pumps, PVC pipe, and plastic ducks. It was awesome!

After a little help from Grandma, I was ready to do it on my own.

Grandpa did multiple ducks at a time, so I had to outdo him with even more ducks.

We climbed around the spider web for awhile. Henry was convinced the spider was real, though, so we didn’t stay here for too long.

We climbed up on the giant machine with Mommy.

Then, while I went to play in the playhouses, Henry took Grandpa up with him.

At the end of the machine, you jump onto the cushioned pillow. Grandpa caught some air when coming down, so Henry made to sure to get out of the way!

Don’t worry. Henry was safe and sound.

We found the tire swing horses to ride. Aren’t these the coolest?!

After refusing to go down the slides, Mommy turned around after a moment only to find that I had run up the hill to the top of the slide. There’s no telling what I will do!

The slides were amazing. I did this for at least 20 minutes.

Almost to the bottom.

I rode the kids’ train around. I took my steering very seriously. I wouldn’t have wanted the train to veer off course.

Hi, Mom!

Henry also watched me ride the train. It will be your turn next year little buddy.

Grandma and I had a blast jumping on the jumping pillow.

I loved jumping as high as I possibly could.

Henry and Mommy came on for a bit, but Henry wanted to go to the petting zoo, so he and Mommy headed over there for a bit.

We took a quick hydration break, and Brody snuggled up to Grandma.

We went to explore the silos filled with corn. It was surprisingly difficult to walk around in this.

The corn got everywhere. Mommy had corn in many places where there should never be corn. Oops.

When Grandpa asked me to smile in the tractor, this is the face I gave. I’m hilarious.

Let’s go to the pumpkin patch, Grandpa!

Grandpa helped us pick out a big pumpkin.

Exploring the pumpkin patch wilderness.

Henry climbed through a big pile of pumpkins to find the exact right pumpkin.

He was very proud of his green pumpkin.

And I found a perfect Lainey-sized pumpkin. We can’t take our pumpkins home, but Grandma is going to use them to decorate her porch.

After we found the perfect pumpkins, we went through the corn maze.

Trying to peek through the corn to find our way.

We’re a little lost.

After wandering around for a lot longer than we originally intended, Grandma took us on a shortcut straight through the corn.

We made it out!

After we left the farm, we stopped for a quick lunch at Steak ‘n Shake.

Once my milkshake arrived at the table, I said, “I can’t believe I have a milkshake.” Mommy says not to get used to it.

While I finished my milkshake, Henry walked around with Grandpa. And then Grandpa let him climb on the table because Grandpa is a big softy.

This was a great end to a perfect morning!!

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