Quincy Trip

Story told by: Lainey

We woke up on Saturday morning, and got in G-Ma’s and G-Pa’s pool right away!

It’s been in the mid-80’s this week, and we’ve been loving it!

Daddy amazed us with his cannonball skills.

Look at the size of that splash. Daddy is quite impressive.

Grandpa and I were getting everyone with the squirt gun. No one was safe!

After naps, I put on my fanciest shoes. It’s always important to look your best.

Henry and Grandma spent some time relaxing on the swing.

Since Brody can’t go anywhere, he watched all of the events from his Bumbo.

Later that day, Mommy’s cousin, Brittany, had a special surprise for me (and this is my reaction to it).

A princess Sofia dress!! Brittany had her homecoming dance that night, so she wanted me to be able to get dressed with her. Isn’t that amazing?!

She even got the matching shoes. I was beside myself with excitement.

Don’t we look beautiful?! Brittany, thank you so much for letting me be part of your special night. It meant so much to me.

After Brittany left for her dance, G-Pa gave us a wagon ride (and I was appropriately dressed in my finest for this event).

We went out to dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse. My dress was quite popular (as it should be) among the waitstaff.

I had lots of fun trying to crack open the peanuts.

On Sunday morning, Henry spent some time reading with Ryan (Mommy’s cousin).

G-Ma bought two puzzles for me, and I quickly put them together. She must be a mind reader to know how much I love puzzles!

Thanks for doing these puzzles with me!

After breakfast, it was pool time again!

I got to ride on the giant swan that Grandma and Grandpa bought. I used it all of one time (so I’m sure they’re super excited that they rush-shipped it here for our enjoyment).

And it was Brody’s first time in a pool! I think he’s saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me. You want me to go in that?”

Daddy slowly lowered him into the water.

He didn’t cry, but I don’t think that he exactly loved the pool.

Since Brody is shaped exactly like the Michelin Man, Daddy figured Brody would float very easily. He wasn’t disappointed.

Although he tolerated the pool, Brody was more content sitting with G-Ma while the rest of us kept swimming (but he still seemed slightly perturbed).

I amazed Brody with my diving board skills!

Mommy was there when I jumped in, but I went down deep on my own, and swam to her. I love swimming!

After naps Grandpa took us out on a wagon ride again.

Brody wasn’t sure what to make of all of this.

I think Ryan is such a goof! He made me laugh a lot.

Henry has had multiple doses of his antibiotics, and is starting to feel a lot better.

This is Henry’s fish face. He and Mommy have spent lots of time working on this. (You can tell they don’t have much going on in their lives.)

After the wagon ride, we got out the outside toys. I finally got to wear my unicorn helmet that I’ve been talking about for the last year.

This is exactly why I have little brothers.

Henry wanted the basketball in the hoop, so Daddy tried to help him, but Henry wouldn’t let go of the ball. Basketball may not be his future.

While we were playing, G-Ma and Grandma went to the local apple orchard to get apple cider slushies.

They were delicious!

Henry even liked them (and he doesn’t like cold things like ice cream). He may be turning a corner. Thank goodness!

Look at this awesome pink leaf I found!

The adults played cornhole. Mommy contributed absolutely nothing to the first game, so she stepped aside to let the real talent play for the second game.

While the adults played cornhole, I spent time with G-Ma. And I talked. And then I talked. And then I talked some more.

We walked all over exploring the yard. We found birdhouses, smelled flowers, and climbed on rocks (well, I climbed and G-Ma assisted).

In between his turns for cornhole, Ryan entertained Brody.

And then Henry had a turn entertaining Brody (although for some odd reason, Brody seemed slightly concerned about who was holding him).

And finally Grandma had a turn with Brody.

After dinner I generously shared part of my dress with Grandma so she could look her best. I’d say she cleans up quite nicely.

Each night before I went to sleep in the motor home with Grandma and Grandpa, I started sleeping in G-Ma’s and G-Pa’s bed. This is what Mommy and Daddy found when they came to move me each night.

Monday was filled with more wagon rides.

Notice my new gingerbread man that G-Ma bought for me. Thanks G-Ma! It’s like Christmas came early!

And it was filled with more time in the pool. Daddy successfully made it on the swan. (Mommy was not so lucky, but fortunately there were no videos of her experience with the swan.)

Some of the adults ended the day with a dip in the hot tub!

Before we left on Tuesday, we took a couple of pictures with G-Ma. I sure loved my time with her and G-Pa.

Thank you for a fun visit!! It was so great!

On the way home, Henry and I rode with Grandma and Grandpa in the motor home, while Brody, Mommy, and Daddy followed behind.

**On a side note…a few hours before we left Quincy, Daddy visited the same Urgent Care that Henry went to several days ago. Turns out Daddy has bronchitis. He is now on antibiotics as well. We’re dropping like flies, so here’s to hoping that the rest of us can stay healthy (or at least that our current colds don’t get any worse)!

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