Food, Football, and Family

Story told by: Henry

We’ve had a great first few weeks of fall!

We spent one Saturday morning snuggling. You can tell that Brody loved it.

Check out my magic trick. I can made Brody disappear.

I love being a big brother. Brody just may hate being a little brother.

We were running errands in Moscow one evening, and they took much longer than expected, so we had to grab burgers for dinner. I decided to use the top-down approach to eat my burger.

I was full before I even got to the actual burger.

We LOVE that it’s football season. On this particular day we sat down to cheer on the Seahawks (or the “She-Haw” as I like to call them).

I’m starting to calm down a teeny, itsy bitsy, tiny bit while I’m around Brody. I really like it when he gets to lay down or sit next to me.

Daddy gets me dressed each morning. However, since I’m not the neatest eater, my first shirt of the day often makes it until 10 or 10:30 in the morning. At some point Mommy just gives up and lets me run around half naked.

While I napped one day, Lainey taught Brody all of the intricacies of coloring.

Na Na and Ba Ba came to town, and picked up Lainey to take her camping down at the Snake River for a couple of nights. That meant Mommy and I got some special time together while Brody was napping. I’ve been obsessed with “Sesame Street” for the last few days. I amazingly sat still and watched this for 25 minutes. Mommy was very impressed!

We woke up on Saturday, and it was Game Day! Brody and I got dressed up in our crimson and gray to support the Cougs.

I was so proud of the fact that Mommy and Daddy let me sit with Brody.

Brody wasn’t 100% sure about me, but I really did pretty well with him.

Na Na and Ba Ba brought Lainey back in time to head to the game (while Brody and I stayed with our babysitter, Lane). (By the way, Lainey had an INCREDIBLE time camping. I can’t wait until it’s my turn next summer!)

On the way to the stadium, Lainey found a princess castle. She was amazed!

Mommy and Daddy are only taking Lainey to one game this year, so it was a special treat for her!

It was beautiful weather!

Lainey had lots of silly faces.

Mommy ran into one of her good friends, Natalie. Natalie used to go a school with lots of purple (the school doesn’t need to be named on this blog), but Natalie has really come around to cheering for the Cougs. Mommy is very proud of her!

Lainey really did very well at the game. She spent most of the first half terrified that Butch would come near her, but once she got a sucker, she started to come around.

Na Na did a great job of entertaining Lainey (which allowed Mommy to fully enjoy the game).

Using the pom poms in a creative way.

Mommy and Daddy were taking a picture, and Lainey snuck in.

Lainey’s biggest highlight of the game was eating cotton candy for the first time! Ba Ba treated her to this yummy delicacy. Lucky girl! And while Lainey was happy with cotton candy, Mommy and Daddy were thrilled that the Cougs beat Wyoming. Yes!

After church and naps on Sunday, Ba Ba and Na Na really helped with yard work since Daddy isn’t supposed to do much. Mommy and Daddy are so grateful for their help!

While they worked on the yard, I tried the Strider bike for the first time. Lainey seems to love her scooter much more than the bike, so this may be mine very soon!

I did pretty well!

Na Na and Ba Ba had to leave on Monday morning. We were really bummed they had to leave, so we left the house right away to lift our spirits with a walk. We quickly found a pile of dirt and gravel to play in.

It’s in my blood to get filthy dirty in three seconds flat.

Just how I like it.

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