My First Day of Preschool

Story told by: Lainey

After counting down for months, my first day of preschool has finally arrived! I was beyond excited.

When Daddy was growing up, he had a tradition of getting to pick out his favorite kind of cereal for his first-day-of-school breakfast. Following that tradition, I picked out Frozen cereal!

Enjoying my breakfast, and getting energized for a big morning.

After breakfast, we went outside to get some first-day-of-school pictures.

My dress has beetles on it. Even though I hate bugs, I insisted on buying this ladybug dress for the first day of school. (And yes, Mommy did inform me that they were actually beetles and not ladybugs, but I believe what I want to believe.)

In preparation for the first day of preschool, I asked if I could lay my dress out three weeks ago. Mommy said that might be a little too early, so I had to wait until last night to lay it out.

My backpack is on, and I’m ready to go!

Once we arrived, I rushed to my classroom. I seriously can’t wait.

This is my teacher, Mrs. Wilson. She’s really nice.

We know how hard teachers work, so we wanted to give them a special first-day-of-school present. This is the present we gave to Mrs. Wilson. Mommy and I made the pencils out of candy (Rolos and Hershey’s Kisses).

And this is the helper teacher, Mrs. Eld. She’s also really nice.

We gave Mrs. Eld a cup full of Hershey’s Hugs and said, “Lots of hugs for a great start to the school year.” We sure appreciate our teachers!

Okay, Mom, enough with the pictures. Time for you to go! And then Mommy left with Henry and Brody, while I had an INCREDIBLE morning. Before I knew it, our morning was over, and Mommy was back to pick me up.

Preschool may have been just a little tiring. Before I fell asleep, though, I told Mommy about playing outside, playing with toy ponies, reading books, singing “Jesus Loves Me,” Veronika (my new friend), writing my name (I told Mommy that I wrote it wrong, but she assured me that I’ll get it down in no time), and circle time. It was such a perfect first day, and I can’t wait to go back on Thursday!

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