Robinson Campout, 2015

Story told by: Lainey

For the past few summers, we’ve met Daddy’s side of the family to go camping. There are four new babies in the family this year, so we decided to camp out in Grandma Jackie’s backyard in Renton to make things a little easier for everyone! Daddy’s cousin, Carrie, gave up her rooms in the house so we could stay there for the weekend. Thank you!

When we got there on Friday (after a long drive), Olive and Brody got to know each other.

What a cute girl!

Ba Ba and Na Na arrived shortly after us. I couldn’t wait to climb into Ba Ba’s lap!

Aunt Tina made all of the kids some amazing camping pillows!

She even put each child’s name on the back of the pillows. Thank you so much Aunt Tina!

Henry’s pillow.

Brody’s pillow.

We had group meals, and different families were in charge of the various meals. We had some great food!

On Friday night, Grandma Jackie read a book to me. It was nice to get some quiet time with her away from the large group!

On Saturday morning we got out the airplane to fly down the hill.

Henry just wanted to touch it, and I threw it straight into the ground, but Lucy and Stevie were getting pretty good at getting the plane to fly.

Henry had fun chasing Jackson around.

And throwing the balls for Ladder Ball.

And hanging out with Daddy.

Carrie got all of the new babies coordinating outfits to wear! We attempted a group picture. Lyle started by sucking on Brody’s hand. Brody didn’t seem amused.

From left to right we have: Sadie (3 weeks), Lyle (6 months), Brody (3 months), and Olive (7 months). Lots of new additions to the family!

Not everyone was thrilled at every moment.



Later that morning, a group of us went to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium! (Other groups went biking to get milkshakes or rafting on the river.)

I couldn’t wait to explore the zoo with Na Na! All week I’ve been talking about what I would like to see/do at the zoo…1) See a unicorn, 2) Ride a unicorn, 3) See a mermaid, and 4) Become a mermaid in order to swim with the penguins. I don’t think that’s asking for a lot.

Henry was excited as well!

We first had to stop to have lunch. Henry gobbled up his cookie for dessert!

We started with the walruses! Those guys were big.

Brody hung out with Daddy.

We could go underground to see the otters, seals, and walruses swimming. Henry wasn’t too sure what he thought of all of this.

He was happy to stay in Mommy’s arms.

I was so glad that Molly came to the zoo (and brought her mommy, Kara, and baby sister, Sadie).

Henry was also happy to check things out with Ba Ba.

Jackson is just a few months older than Henry, so they had fun entertaining one another.

Daddy’s cousin, Annika, came to the zoo with us, and was amazing at helping! She was always there to hold a hand, chase down a child, or keep someone happy. We couldn’t have done this trip without her!

We were also so glad to have Na Na and Ba Ba to help us explore the zoo. Na Na was great about getting Henry out of the stroller to explore!

Zoo selfie with most of the zoo crew!

I found the penguins, but there weren’t any mermaids nearby. Oh well, I was still pretty thrilled to see penguins.

Henry was most excited by the water features in each animal’s habitat. He kept screaming, “Wa wa” as loud as he could.

When we came across the elephants, I was shocked by their size. I said, “Mommy, that’s a HUGE elephant.”

The babies of the group were very well behaved, and timed their feedings together. Well done, guys!

The last stop at the zoo was the carousel! It wasn’t a unicorn, but it was pretty darn close. I was so excited!

Henry wasn’t as excited, though. As soon as the ride started, he started screaming.

Henry screamed for several rotations, but once Daddy took him off the horse, he was fine. I don’t understand why he didn’t like it because I had a blast!

We had seven kids at the zoo, and I was the oldest! All of the parents seemed very grateful to have the extra adult helpers!

When we got back to Grandma Jackie’s house, we had time to play. Brody was all smiles with Ba Ba.

They set up the bouncy house, and Lucy and I had a blast with the slide.

Annika and Mommy competed against Daddy and Ba Ba in Ladder Ball. The girls gave it a valiant effort, but they lost by ten points. Good try!

There was lots of trampoline time, but we had to wait until the big kids got off because it got a little crazy with them.

Right after I went to bed, they started a campfire and roasted s’mores. Not fair.

On Sunday morning, we had a worship service in the backyard.

We had a kids vs. adults song. The kids CLEARLY won.

Since we had to leave right after the worship service, Mommy woke Brody up so he could eat during the service. He didn’t seem thrilled with this.

Cuddling outside with Na Na for church? Yes, please!

Ba Ba gave a little devotional.

Before we left, we took a picture of all of the great grandkids with Grandma Jackie. There are 14 great grandkids, and half of us are three years old or younger. We sure keep all of the adults busy!

Robinson Great Grandkids

Robinson Family

The Robinsons (with the star of the show up front of course).

Extended Robinson Family

The entire group. We’ve got to stop adding babies because this group is growing at an alarming rate.

Molly and I loved our matching dresses! When Mommy asked me what my favorite thing was about the weekend, I said, “Molly.” I sure wish we lived closer to her because we had a blast together!

On our drive home, we stopped for a picnic in Ellensburg. Daddy demonstrated the proper way to eat a Fruit by the Foot. I have so much to learn from him.

We also learned that Henry loves plums. What a goof!

Brody cried/screamed for the last 90 minutes of the drive, and Henry chimed in frequently as well, but we made it home safe and sound. I’m already looking forward to our Robinson weekend next summer!

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