Soaking Up Every Moment of Summer!

Story told by: Brody

Just like always, summer is keeping us busy, busy, busy!

I’m starting to sit up in my Bumbo (or my “Dumbo” as Lainey likes to call it).

Mommy has to shove my thighs down in the Bumbo to get them to fit. When she pulls me out of my seat, the whole thing comes with me.

I never get a moment’s rest in this house.

I could really use some eyes in the back of my head because there is always someone waiting for me. Always.

I think Henry might actually be insane. He gets at least one bloody nose a week from climbing/running/falling. The remnants of this bloody nose remain after he ran at full speed into our front door. On purpose. (He has no clothes in this picture because his clothes were covered in blood.)

This bloody nose came about ten minutes after he cut his chin open while climbing on a toy.

I don’t believe in lining up my naps with my brother and sister. Mommy wants me to sleep, but I insist on being awake because it’s the ONLY time my house is quiet.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am seriously the most chill and relaxed baby. It is very rare that I cry.

Whenever I’m bored, I love starting at light fixtures and ceiling fans. I’ll often have a conversation with them.

Lainey and Henry love getting outside whenever possible. (I love it, too, because it wears them out. Thank goodness.)

Running bases, but Henry seems to be a little lost.

While Lainey and Henry ran around with Daddy, I chilled in the stroller and talked to Mommy.

Can’t wait until I can join this line!

Lainey is getting pretty good at climbing the caterpillar (but Daddy stayed near just in case).

Lainey has been loving having her hair french braided.

And the garden is starting to grow like crazy. All of this basil made lots of pesto!

Mommy and Daddy’s friends, Jessica and Jason, came down from Spokane to visit. They brought their daughter, Myla, with them, and had dinner with us. Things were so busy, though, that this is the only picture we got. At least I look adorable in it!

We recently had a family movie night watching “Frozen.” Lainey has seen it a million times, but it was Henry’s first time. He’s danced to the soundtrack with Lainey so many times, though, that he was in awe of the music being put to animation!

Lainey loves coloring, and has been improving on staying in the lines!

We love meeting friends for walks. One day we met Brooke, Lucy, and Nora for a walk to the park. Brooke got in some snuggle time with me before we started our walk!


These girls have been friends since they were only a few months old.

Here they are last summer. Look at how much they grew in one year!

On to the park (while I happily slept in the stroller)!

I was happily sitting in the stroller, minding my own business until everyone realized I was awake. Oh, joy.

Henry was a crazy man on the playground. He was all over the place!

Henry was so dirty after this park trip that Mommy had to give him a bath when we got home (while I patiently waited like a perfect angel for my bottle).

Our power went out for eight hours today because of a power pole that caught on fire. It was also 100 degrees today, so with no fans or window AC units, our house got HOT. By dinner time we just had to get out of there, so we met Daddy for dinner at Southfork, and then we went to explore the stadium.

Lainey recognized the letter “A” as a letter in her name.

Running 100 yards. Daddy hopes that both Henry and I will be playing football on this field in college. It would be amazing!!!

No one really cooperated for this picture. (I need to point out, though, that I was happily sleeping in the ergo and behaving perfectly.)

Beautiful end to a fun evening. And by the time we got home, the power was back on. Thank goodness!

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