634 Miles of Fun!

Story told by: Henry

We got to go to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house in Tacoma last weekend!

We left after work on Friday. We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove.

Lainey happily took to the drive by taking a nap.

And so did Brody.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t going to accept it, so in order to express my feelings, I screamed for the first two hours of the trip. That’ll show ’em.

Since we have a preschooler who needs frequent bathroom stops, a baby who needs to eat frequently, and a toddler (that’s me) who felt the need to express his feelings quite strongly, we made LOTS of stops along the way. At one stop Mommy had to feed Brody, so Lainey and I got out to run around a bit.

My pajama pants were a little long on me, so in order to keep them from getting dirty, I got to run around in just my diaper. It was a freeing experience!

Lots of farm equipment along our drive!

After some more screaming, several more stops, and many more miles, we made it to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house at 1:30 a.m. It was a late night for us, but we fell asleep a few hours before we arrived, so we were fairly rested, and ready to start the day nice and early the next day. I just know that Mommy and Daddy were thrilled to see us as the sun was rising!

Na Na got in lots of cuddle time with Brody.

Lainey helped pick green beans out of the garden. (Lainey was thrilled with this new dress that Na Na got for her. This girl is obsessed with dresses.)

I tried one of the green beans. Not too bad!

On Saturday afternoon, Mommy and Brody drove up north for Courtney’s bridal shower. She is getting married in February, and Mommy is so, so, so excited for her!

Since Courtney lives in Colorado, this was her first time getting to meet Brody. She loved on him a lot (as did all of the other lucky ladies at the party). He was the party entertainment!

Mommy saw some college friends who she hadn’t seen in years. She laughed so much, and absolutely loved seeing these ladies! (Out of the six friends in this picture, four of them lived on the same dorm floor with Mommy their freshman year.)

Mommy can’t wait for Courtney’s wedding in CANCUN!!! in February.

While Mommy and Brody were at the bridal shower, we played in the brand new pool that Na Na bought for us to use while we’re there! Look at how big this thing is!

We sure had fun! (Look at that crazy Lainey!)

We love reading books with Na Na, so we made sure to spend time doing that before bed.

On Sunday morning we woke up to go to Michelle’s house for breakfast (and Claire and Mya joined us there). Michelle doesn’t have any kids, so we made sure to show her how fun and relaxing Sunday mornings are with kids!

Everyone found it quite humorous that Claire (six-months old) and Brody (two-months old) are a very similar size.

This girl is ADORABLE!

Michelle had a wonderful spread for breakfast, but we added to it with some amazing (and huge) doughnuts. I ate at least one of these by myself.

After breakfast, Lainey chased the doggy around. A lot. This dog might not find Sunday mornings with kids as relaxing either.

The beautiful ladies of the group (who also happen to be more college friends). What a fun weekend for mommy! Thank you, Michelle, for opening your home up for a crazy crew of kids!

After breakfast, we had to make a much-needed stop by Target. (We don’t have a Target where we live, so this trip was worthy of documenting with this photo.)

Before we drove home that afternoon, we went back to Na Na and Ba Ba’s house for lunch and naps. Lainey helped Ba Ba set up the speaker to his computer. I’m sure she was invaluable help.

While I napped, so did Ba Ba.

And so did Daddy. Like father, like son, like grandson.

Before we got on the road, Lainey wanted some time with Brody. He looks okay with this arrangement at first…

…until he realizes who is holding him. I don’t blame him for being scared. He should be.

Thank you to Na Na and Ba Ba for letting us come for a great weekend! On the trip home there was a lot less crying, and fewer stops! We made it home by 11, and Mommy and Daddy were asleep by midnight. Here’s to doing this trip again in two weeks!

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