Fire Station Visit

Story told by: Henry

We got to go to the fire station this morning with some friends. I absolutely LOVE any type of truck, so Mommy thought it would be perfect for me!

We’re lucky that our amazing neighbor, Tony, is a real, live firefighter. (I know! Isn’t it awesome?!) He was able to give us our tour this morning.

Tony took a few minutes to explain the ambulance and the firetruck. They were much larger than I was expecting!

When it came time to actually sit in the ambulance and firetruck, I was not too sure about it. Thanks goodness Kamryn was there to sit with me! Kamryn is our favorite babysitter, and Tony’s daughter. Mommy thought it might be helpful for Kamryn to stay with me during our tour. (Is she suggesting that I’m a problem?)

See what I mean. Definitely not getting a smile out of me at the moment. Way too much to take in.

Lainey, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to jump in! She started by taking a turn in the ambulance.

Now into the fire truck!

Okay, so the girls didn’t seem so nervous. Maybe I could give it a try…

I did okay when Kamryn came up with me. Mommy told me that when Lainey was my age, you couldn’t even get her within 20 feet of a firetruck. Now she’s loving it, so there’s hope for me yet!

As time went on, I warmed up a little to the firetruck, so I decided that I could look around (although there was no way I was getting out of Kamryn’s lap).

Lainey couldn’t wait to drive the firetruck! She loved it!

And look at my first smile of the day! I’m getting much more comfortable!

After spending lots of time with the trucks, we got to see the rest of the fire station. Did you know that these guys get to have sleepovers for work?! That seems like a pretty fun job!

Lainey made herself right at home on one of the beds. She seems like a wild child. Who raised this girl anyways?

After the tour was done, we got some shots of the whole crew! (I clearly had much better things to be doing with my time. And you can tell that my friend, Walter, did, too.)

Thank you so much Tony! We had a wonderful time! (Well, I eventually had a wonderful time, and that’s what counts.)

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