Summer Fun

Story told by: Lainey

We have been staying very busy this summer! Thank goodness because if I get more than two seconds of downtime, I’m begging Mommy for something to do. (She doesn’t always jump in to entertain me, though, which is slightly irritating.)

We took Stella to the farmer’s market one morning. (Stella has a baby brother, so we wanted to give her mommy and daddy a little break from a busy older sibling.)

We got some swords, and walked around pretending we were pirates. Arghhh!

One day I picked out this cute shirt to wear! The funny thing about it is that I wore this as a dress for my first birthday. Still fits!

Brody has been givingus lots of smiles.

He is also one chubby (and incredibly cute) little guy. Look at all of those rolls!

One night we met some friends at the library summer reading finale.

We had a picnic while we listened to live music.

We also did lots of dancing with friends.

Mommy and Brody got to spend a quiet moment together while we were running around with daddy. Mommy seemed extra happy to get what she calls “rare quiet time” with Brody. I can’t imagine what she’s talking about.

Henry is a goofball!

Brody got to spend some time with Wiley (Daisy’s little brother). They’re a similar size, and Wiley is three months older than Brody.

At the end of the concert, we got some ice cream!

And it turns out if you consume ice cream at lightning speed, you’re going to get something called “brain freeze.” Why in the world did no one warn me about this?!

We love to be outside as much as humanly possible. Mommy traced my body so I could add clothes and a face.

Henry has recently been learning so much from me. Mommy doesn’t seem to always appreciate this, but I would argue that learning how to run away, how to hit someone, and how to scream extra loud are valuable traits.

We went to Sunnyside Park recently for Weston and Allison’s going away party. We loved watching the ducks in the pond!

Weston and Allison are off to Mozambique (in Africa) in a few months, but they’re leaving Pullman now. We’ll miss having them around! Best of luck to you two!

Brody has really started to interact with us! We love this kid!

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