Swim with Dede, 2015

Story by: Lainey

I am so excited to say that I FINALLY got to do swim lessons with Dede this summer! You have to be three years old, so I’ve been anxiously anticipating this summer! Dede is a legend around Pullman, and has been teaching swim lessons in her dad’s pool for decades. (Dede also happens to be Mirabel’s grandma, so I’ve known Dede since I was born.) The swim lessons were every day for two weeks. Lots of swimming!

On the first day of lessons, Dede had us jumping in the pool, swimming with her, jumping off the diving board, and diving down to the bottom of the pool (with her help).

This is me swimming on the second day of class.

Dede taught us to hang on to the side of the pool to keep us safe.

I was really lucky because I got to have Ivy, Evan, and Kenley in my class. The perfect group!

Evan and I loved the water from day one!

For the last 15 minutes of class each day, we got to put on water floaties and have free time. Our families could get in with us as well.

Daddy got to come swim with me during his lunch break a few times. Henry got to get in, too, and we had a blast!

Henry was a swimming machine.

I couldn’t get enough of the diving board.

I did the slide twice, but that was enough for me. That slide is fast!

As the week went on, I got even more comfortable with swimming.

We all loved getting out of the pool and trying to jump in together, but since we’re only three years old, it’s REALLY hard for us to wait for each other!

Daddy and I had lots of fun when he would throw me way up high! I couldn’t get enough of it.

Our last day of swimming was today, and we got a huge lollipop. Look at the size of that thing!

I had a wonderful two weeks, and I really improved my swimming skills. Thank you, Dede, for being wonderful! I loved my time with you!

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