The Grunenfelders Visit the Palouse

Story told by: Lainey

The Grunenfelders came to visit this weekend, and boy, oh boy…we had a great time!

They arrived on Friday night, so we had dinner, and then it was time for PJs and books. I was SO happy to get to read with my good friend, Emma (and her mommy, Chelsea).

Our original plan on Saturday morning was to go to the water park, but for the first time in four weeks, our temperature dipped below 90 degrees! It was 73 degrees and rainy. It was refreshing weather, but didn’t exactly make for a great trip to the water park, so we headed to Bonkerz!

Emma and I spent lots of time being goofy.

Henry loved the cars (which is no surprise to anyone who knows this kid).

Emma’s little brother, Cole, spent lots of time in the car area as well. These boys were made for each other!

When Daddy wasn’t chasing us through the climbing structure, he spent some time with Brody.

This kid is a beast!

After Bonkerz we went with our friend, Lyla, and her family to Winger’s for a delicious lunch. Emma’s daddy, Kent, got the pleasure of our company. Lucky guy!

Daddy was a champ. He put Brody to sleep in the Ergo, and still managed to neatly eat a burger. What a guy!

On Sunday morning, we took Emma and her family to church. (They used to attend our church before they moved away.) I reminded Emma of one of EBC’s best church traditions – doughnuts!

After a good morning at church, we went to Cougar Country for some delicious burgers and fries! A trip to Pullman isn’t complete without visiting this place.

Cole gobbled up his post-lunch treat.

Henry doesn’t like ice cream, but he seemed pretty content to watch us eat ours. (He’s one weird kid if you ask me.)

When we got home, we had some quiet time before heading outside to play. We tested one of the carrots in the garden, and it’s pretty tiny. The carrots definitely need some more time to get “big, big, big.”

I’m happy to report that one of my sunflowers has bloomed (with many more close behind).

I’m LOVING my flowers! (On the edge of the garden, we have about ten zinnias that have also bloomed.)

On Monday morning, the Grunenfelders had to leave. We got one last picture before they left. I’m so happy they could spend the weekend with us, and I can’t wait to see them again!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few random pictures from the last week…

I had a great front-row seat for the rain/thunder storm.

Henry kept saying, “Pease, pease,” (Please, please), so we gave him what he wanted – a beautiful Snow White dress!

I may not have a little sister, but this will do just fine.

Henry is such a good sport!

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